Who is better- Priyanka or Parineeti Chopra???

Who is better- Priyanka or Parineeti Chopra???

Bollywood is the Indian film industry and has a number of beautiful and talented people in there. The actors and actresses are a craze for the common people. Out of a number of other talented actresses, the most common and famous ones are the Chopra sisters. The Chopra sisters do not belong to any film background, but have created their place in the industry in a very short span of time.

There is a point of success and fame that every person enjoys in his or her field. It is evident and clear in the case of Priyanka Chopra. Talking about the elder sister first, Priyanka Chopra is one of the famous faces of Bollywood. She has been a success story in Bollywood and has created a place for herself because of her acting talent. She has done a number of movies. The doors of Bollywood opened up for her when she became the Miss India- World in 2003. A number of film offers poured in for her, and there is no stop to it since then. She’s just not a beauty, but a rock star. She supports a number of welfare causes and is well maintained. She has sung songs too. She is capable of doing any kind of role.

Not everyone has the chance to taste success at such an early age. But, Parineeti Chopra, the younger sister of Priyanka Chopra, has got that opportunity. She is one of the most demanded actresses in Bollywood in today’s date and is new to this industry. She just proved her mettle with her two movies. She is a lively girl and has a cute and is the fresh face of the industry. At this early age, she has become the brand ambassador of a number of products. She has proved that just being the younger sister doesn’t count to stand a position, but you need to have the talent within you. She has a great number of fan following and is and will be loved by the audience for her good work.

When we are talking of two actresses in Bollywood, there are a number of actresses who are not friendly with their female co-stars or their competitors. But, the Chopra sisters have immense love and respect for each other. They believe that they learn from each other a lot. Parineeti says that her elder sister is the sole inspiration for her and is the reason that she is the part of the industry today. They believe that their performance speaks about them. So, these sisters do not like to be compared with each other or anyone else. But, there comes a point when even two sisters have to face the competition. In this case too, both the sisters might face a tough competition from each other.

Both the sisters are equally good. But, as it can be seen that as the elder sister, Priyanka has a better experience in this field, so, she has a larger fan following than her sister, even outside India. It is also known that Parineeti is a trained classical singer, whereas Priyanka is not. So, it might be possible that there is a situation in future that Parineeti gets a chance to show her singing talent and outdo her elder sister. Priyanka is considered to be the fashion diva and the ultimate goddess. She has the ultimate figure that every girl would love to have. Priyanka looks good in almost all types of clothes she wears. On the other hand, Parineeti is chubby and has to experiment with different types of looks as she is new in this industry. Parineeti has her own charm but somehow she has to learn and level up with her sister in this aspect. Priyanka has done more number of movies as she is an old part of this industry in comparison to Parineeti. So, Parineeti has to prove herself and will take time to establish herself in the industry.

There are a number of reasons to count that Priyanka scores over Parineeti. So, she is ranked above than her younger sister. But, that doesn’t mean that Parineeti is less. We hope to see that change and Parineeti being ranked above Priyanka in the future. Wishing these sisters loads of luck for their future. We hope to see them shine in this industry forever.

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MairaS (755 Posts)

Webpreneur. CEO ContentCreatorZ Pakistan. Managing Partner Media Marketing Services.

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