Top ten movies of famous Lollywood actor: Waheed Murad

One of the greatest film actors of Pakistan-Waheed Murad

Famous Pakistani Actor Waheed Murad, who was also known as “Romance ka Shehzada” was born to a successful film distributor/producer of Lollywood, Nisar Murad, on October 2, 1938 in Karachi. Waheed Murad did his schooling from Marie Calaco School, graduated in arts and then obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature from Karachi University. Initially, he entered into production but emerged as a young and promising actor. That was the time when heroes were not so good looking and young, then how did they reserve a place for him??? Waheed Murad of Lollywood was the trend setter, who not only changed the stereotype but also turned around the style of dressing, acting and most importantly, the picturization of songs in Lollywood. He danced with so much zeal and energy that he put most of his on screen heroines to shame. Waheed Murad enjoyed the most hits with Deeba, although as a chocolate hero he paired with Rani, Shamim Ara, Shabnam, Babra Sharif, Nisho and Rozina too. He was Pakistan’s favourite hero among girls and crazy fans following. In his hey-days once Waheed Murad went to the Sadar area of Karachi in his white car. Realizing it was Waheed Murad’s car, a group of 30 college girls covered the vehicle with lipstick kisses. He broke many hearts by getting married to Salma in 1967.

Top 10 best movies of  famous Lollywood actor Waheed Murad are here:

  • # 10 … Dil mera dharkan teri
  • # 9 …Neend hamari khuwab tmhare
  • # 8 … Jab jab phool khiley
  • # 7 …Awaz
  • # 6 …Dohraha
  • # 5 …Aulad
  • # 4 …Daman
  • # 3 …Andaleeb
  • # 2 …Anjuman
  • # 1 …Arman

It was a great treat to watch Waheed Murad in  the above Lollywood movies and songs like “Ko Ko Korina” (Arman), “Dil ko Jalana” ( Mohabbat zindagi hai), “Tmhe Kese Bta Don” (Dohraha). His image of flirting with Shabnam as Waheed Murad followed her (rather stylishly in a red convertible) crooning “Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi” (Andaleeb) is unforgettable. His style of acting and persona as a lady killer inspired many actors across the border, with Jeetendra accepting that he began his career as Waheed’s replica and Rajesh Khanna donning the carefree ‘romantic’ attitude that was so typical of Waheed Murad.

In life as in death, handsome famous actor of Lollywood, Waheed Murad remains a legend to the East as Elvis Presley is to the West. They danced, ruled the hearts of millions and left the world with a vacuum that can never be filled.

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MairaS (755 Posts)

Webpreneur. CEO ContentCreatorZ Pakistan. Managing Partner Media Marketing Services.

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  1. chaman asgar
    Posted June 20, 2011 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    I liked the biography of waheed .I wasn’t aware we had such a talented handsome and brilliant individual in Pakistan.Now that I know about him, I watch his movies regularly on youtube.It is so unfortunate to know that his peers were jealous of him and helped to bring him down thus ending his life.
    I also feel sorry that his relatives whom he loved dearly,left him when he needed them the most.

    • Tulip
      Posted November 29, 2012 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

      Hi Chaman,

      Same here. I do the same now and discovering more about the great Legend. I now feel the there was no one like him in Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood and still there isn’t. I see all the other stars and no one makes me feel the way Mr. Murad did when I was a young person and now older. His looks and styles could only be compared with Elvis Presley. Too bad that the world didn’t know him and that his own peers and countrymen brought him down like the way they did. I also couldn’t believe that a Pakistani wife could just leave her husband in the dark times. He gave us so much joy and still does after all these years, yet he didn’t seem to have a very happy life.

  2. chaman asgar
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

    Among the ten movies of waheed murad I was unable to find daman.I wish someone will upload it for us.
    Waheed was so good his fellow actors,directors and producers fell threatened and thus combined together to bring him down.There is Karma and they will be sorry for their actions.

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