Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actress: Babra Sharif

Famous Pakistani film actress Babra Sharif

Famous Pakistani actress, Babra Sharif was the girl who was known as the ‘Jet girl’ in households all over the country after she came into view from Jet washing powder commercial. The model turned actress Babra Sharif was born in Lahore in 1951. After modeling Babra Sharif appeared in television plays including Miss 4 O’Clock, Kiran Kahani, Massi Shurbatay under some experienced producers and gradually learned the technique of dialogue delivery, facial expression and body movement within the framework of a scene. Shabab Kiranvi, the top film maker of Lollywood in those days, gave Babra the lead role with Ghulam Mohiuddin in famous Pakistani movie, Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat (1975), which was a huge hit. Later she became one of the most popular actresses of Pakistan cinema and remained on top for almost two decades

Babra Sharif was married in 1977 to film star Shahid which lasted barely a few of years. Now she is seen off and on  the screen but still stunningly gorgeous. Babra Sharif is no stranger to the spotlight but as her years have increased, she has gotten more stunning and that too without a hint of narcissism – a quality that never fails to impress. Nevertheless where her songs are playing either on TV, radio or at traditional Dholak functions, Babra instantly comes into mind due to her flawless energetic performances in the songs like Mundia dopata chad mera, Teri manzil hoon mein , tuje pyar krte krte, zulfoo ki zanjeer se and Dekha jo mera jalwa etc etc

Top 10 best Pakistani movies of famous Pakistani actress, Babra Sharif are here:

  • #10…Lajawab
  • # 9…Playboy
  • # 8…Shabana
  • # 7…Miss Columbo
  • # 6…Miss Hong Kong
  • # 5…Shanni
  • # 4…Salakhein
  • # 3…Mehmaan
  • # 2…Mera naam hai muhabbat
  • # 1…Mukhra

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MairaS (755 Posts)

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