Academy awards winner: 1950-1959

The 1950 Academy Award for the best picture was awarded to “All about Eve”. 1951 a musical “An American in Paris” won the Oscar award for best film that year. In 1952, “The Greatest Show on Earth” a circus drama, won the best picture Oscar award. In 1953, “From Here to Eternity” was declared the best movie, in 1954 the American drama about Steve dores, “On the waterfront”  secured the Academy award for best movie. “Marty” was an international sensation and won the Oscar for the best picture in 1955. “Around the World in 80 Days” the classic novel written by Jules Verne has been adapted many times, however, the 1956 version won five Oscars including best picture. In 1957 the movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” was the winner of the Academy award for best movie and in 1958 “Gigi”. In 1959, the great epic “Ben-Hur” was awarded the best picture award.

The best directors Academy awards of the 1950s are listed as follows

  • 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • 1951 and 1956 George Stevens
  • 1952  John Ford
  • 1953 Fred Zinnemann
  • 1954 Elia Kazan
  • 1955 Delbert Mann
  • 1957 David Lean
  • 1958 Vincente Minnelli
  • 1959 William Wyler

The first best actor Oscar award of the decade went to José Ferrer for his role as Cyrano de Bergerac. In 1951, Humphrey Bogart won the award for his performance as Charlie Allnut in “The African Queen”. 1952 and 1953 best actor Oscar awards were won by Gary Cooper and William Holden respectively. In 1954,  the Godfather of acting, Marlon Brando won the best actor Oscar award for his performance in “On the Waterfront”. Ernest Borgnine scored the best actor Oscar award in 1955 for Marty. In 1956, Yul Brynner won the Oscar for his role as King Mongkut of Siam. In 1957  Alec Guinness secured the Oscar, in 1958 David Niven and in 1959 Charlton Heston was the best actor Oscar award for his brilliant performance as Judah Ben-Hur.

The best actress Oscar awards were claimed by Judy Holliday, Vivien Leigh, Shirley Booth, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly for the years 1950,1951,1952,1953, and 1954 respectively. In 1955, the best actress Oscar award was claimed by Anna Magnani for her role as Serafinna Delle  Rose , Ingrid Bergman won it as Anastasia in 1956 and the award was given to Joanne Woodward in 1957. For the year 1958 the winner was Susan Hayward and for 1959 Simone Signoret won it for her performance in the film Room at the top.

George Sanders was the winner of the Academy award for the best supporting actor for 1950, Karl Malden won the best supporting actor Oscar award for 1951. Anthony Quinn claimed the award twice in the decade, for his performance in Viva Zapata! In 1952 and in 1956 for the film Lust for life. Frank Sinatra as Pvt. Angelo Maggio was the winner for 1953. Edmond O’ Brien claimed the Oscar award for best supporting actor in 1954, Jack Lemmon won it in 1955 for the film Mister Roberts. Red Buttons, Burl Ives, and Hugh Griffith were the winners for the years 1957,1958, and 1959 respectively.

Best Supporting actresses Oscar award winners are listed as follows

  • Josephine Hull 1950
  • Kim Hunter  1951
  • Gloria Grahame 1952
  • Donna Reed  1953
  • Eva Marie Saint 1954
  • Jo Van Fleet 1955
  • Dorthy Malone 1956
  • Miyoshi Umeki 1957
  • Wendy Hiller 1958
  • Shelly Winters 1959

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