Top ten Pakistani movies of famous Lollywood actress: Nayyar Sultana

Famous Pakistani film actress Nayyar Sultana

Tayyaba Bano aka Nayyar Sultana of Pakistan film industry was born in Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh in 1937. She was regarded as one of the best actresses ever in the history of Pakistani cinema and was termed  a ‘class act.’ While visiting Lahore, Nayyar Sultana met Anwar Kamal Pasha and made her screen debut in a supporting role in Lollywood movie Qatil (1955). After it she gave numerous hit Pakistani movies like “Sath lakh”, “Shaheli”, “Mazloom”, “Baji”, “Suraya & Mehtab” etc. After a series of hit movies out of the blue, she decided to move into character roles to show up her real talent of acting. Nayyar Sultana gave almost 48 years of her life to the film industry and worked in dozens of films. She received a number of awards and was given the title “Malka-i-Jazbaat” for her acting. Unlike most other actresses of the Pakistani film industry, Nayyar Sultana was an educated woman who came from a respectable family and often gave much depth and dignity to all her films.

Top ten best Pakistani movies of famous Lollywood actress Nayyar Sultana are:

  • # 10 …Dillagi
  • # 9 …Aulad
  • # 8 …Ek Musafir Ek Haseena
  • # 7 …Ghoonghat
  • # 6 …Dulhan
  • # 5 …Baji
  • # 4 …Azmat
  • # 3 …Shaheli
  • # 2 …Mehtaab
  • # 1 …Mazloom

Darpan’s death in 1981 was a shattering blow for Nayyar. She  passed away on October 27, 1992 due to cancer. Now only the images and traces of her awe-inspiring work are with her fans which keep her alive forever in their hearts.

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