Top ten movies of famous Hollywood actor: Will Smith

Famous Hollywood actor Will Smith

Born September 25, 1968 in Pennsylvania (USA), his given name was Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. Later he would become known as the “Fresh Prince”, and today, as simply, Will Smith. It is an innocuous name, but one that has big box-office bucks behind it every time the man takes on a new role. 14 of the 19 Hollywood films in which Will Smith has acted have taken in (cumulatively) over $100,000000. Four of them took in over $500,000,000 in worldwide box office receipts. With totals like that, you have to be doing something right. From his long-running TV hit, Fresh Prince of Belair to films like Independence Day and Men in Black (I & II), Will Smith has hit all the right notes in Hollywood. He is no mean musician either, and has made some impressive money in the music biz, too. What’s his secret? Many say that it is pure talent mixed with more than a little cockiness and charisma. I think they just might be right.

His happy-go-lucky Fresh Prince days made many doubt Will Smith could make the transition from smart-mouthed teenager to serious actor. Those critics might not have been silenced by his first big hits, that called on that same flip attitude, but when they reached The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds, they were silenced. Will Smith, it seems, is the complete package as an actor. His kid isn’t doing too badly either!

Nominated for numerous awards both as an actor and a producer, Smith has yet to receive any of the “Big Three” awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA). He did, however, take home the BET Award for Best Actor for the film Men in Black II and the MTV Movie Award for Best Performance for his work in Ali. Some of us are wondering when the awards committees are going to figure out what the people already have. Will Smith is a big-time star!

Here are the top ten movies (high grossing) of famous Hollywood actor, Will Smith:

1. Independence Day – 1996 – $817,400,878
2. Men in Black – 1997 – $587,790,539
3. Hancock – 2008 – $624,346,274
4. I Am Legend – 2007 -$585,055,701
5. Men in Black II – 2002 – $441,818,803
6. Shark Tale – 2004 – $367,192,000
7. Hitch – 2005 – $366,784,257
8. The Pursuit of Happyness – 2006 – $306,086,036
9. Bad Boys II – 2003 – $272,940,870
10. Wild Wild West, 1999 – $222,105,681

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