Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor Shahid

Pakistani film industry actor Shahid Hameed was the smiling heart throb whose entrance into Pakistani films was so earth-shaking, it literally casted a shadow on the trilogy of famous Pakistani actors Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad and Nadeem in the late 1970’s. He is seen wearing a hippy-chic, mirror work embroidered Kurti paired with flat front flared pants; two and half inch heels and amber shades that were a style obsession with Shahid’s western peer, Ryan O’Neal.

Lollywood’s Shahid Hameed was the Don Juan of the Pakistani film industry during the 1970s. Although, his career span was for only a decade, from 1973-1983, but female hearts flickered copiously during those ten exciting years! Shahid Hamid made just over 200 films, most of them in Urdu. Shahid’s  first film as a hero in Lollywood was 1973’s “Ek Raat” opposite famous Pakistani actress Deeba, who starred with him numerous times. But his career making role in Lollywood was as a villain, opposite Nadeem and Deeba in Pakistani movie “Aansoo”. After Pakistani film industry’s chocolate hero Waheed Murad lost favor with vacillating audiences, Shahid became the most romantic actor of Lollywood during his decade in film years. Like the archetypal star of that era, Shahid’s off camera frolics were almost as interesting as his real life. Shahid was married four times. Three of his marriages were to Pakistani film actresses, namely Zamarrud, Ishrat Chaudhry and Babra Sharif. His 1977 marriage to Babs (Babra Sharif) lasted only a few years.

Top ten best Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor Shahid are:

  • #10 …Uff ye biwian
  • # 9 …Dekha jaye ga
  • # 8 …Dil ne phir yad kiya
  • # 7 …Anmol
  • # 6 …Ansoo
  • # 5 …Aazmesh
  • # 4 …Gharana
  • # 3 …Aabshar
  • # 2 …Zeenat
  • # 1 …Suraiya Bhopali


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  1. chaman asgar
    Posted August 1, 2011 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    I do not think Shahid was as talented as Waheed Murad.Unfortunately Some pakistani actors and directors were extremely jealous of him.
    This happens to be our nature,we do not appreciate people who are more talented,handsome
    and highly educated as was Waheed.
    This is the reason Pakistani film industry has gone down the tube and I will not be surprised if it continues to decline.
    Compare our industry with India.They value real talent.For instance Dilip Kumar is 88 years old but he is still liked and respected.
    I never knew we in Pakistan had such a great actor as Waheed Murad.I only discovered this about six months ago.I have bought every single movie of him that I could find or I watch on youtube.What a shame we did this to a man like Waheed.

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