Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor: Rajesh Khanna

Greatest Indian actor Rajesh Khanna

Indian film actor Rajesh Khanna is the superstar of the 70’s whose home address was a tourist must-see place in the official travelogue of Bombay City.  His star hysteria dominated everywhere.  Young girls got married to his photographs, and for men, his style was an inspiration and for children, he was the hero they could adore. It said that Rajesh Khanna was the only Bollywood actor, during his struggling days, who moved around in a Mercedes. In 1966 he appeared in “Akhri Khat” and forced people to notice him. He boosted many actresses’ careers by his forte of romance, tragedy and his image of a “love struck hero”. At his peak Rajesh Khanna was married to Dimple Kappadia and broke many hearts though the marriage was most sensational.  After few years his popularity started declining due to trend changes in the film industry.  Since Rajesh Khanna had a stars demeanor that’s why at the time of his decline the industry cheered on his failure. He had no friends and supporters when he needed them. However like a cast out king he marvelously came back with many super hits but by that time people had lost the allure they had for him, to the “Angry Young Man” image of the famous Indian actor  Amitabh Bachan.

The top ten best Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor Rajesh Khanna are:

  • # 10 … Ap ki kasam – Jay Jay Shive Shankar was on the everybody’s tongue.
  • # 9 … Mehboob ki mehndi – His expression on “Ye jo chilman hai” became his tademark.
  • # 8 …Khamoshi – A celluloid masterpiece.
  • # 7 …Anand – Best movie of Rajesh Khanna’s career which led him to the Best actor award.
  • # 6 …Hathi mere Sathi – Another super hit, most favorite of the children.
  • # 5 … Kati Patang – Pyar deewana hota hai mustana hota hai boy won the heart of audience opposite Asha Parkh.
  • # 4 …Amer Prem – A musical Blockbuster of  Rajesh Khanna and showed magic in the songs “Chingari koi bhadke” & “Kuch to log kahe ge”.
  • # 3 … Aan milo Sajna – A supreme blend of tragedy & romance.
  • # 2 … Do Rasste – One of his mega opus which proved that he is a phenomenal actor.
  • # 1 … Aradhna – Biggest hit of that era. After it’s success whenever Rajesh Khanna’s car was spotted in public, within minutes, it could be covered with lipstick marks.

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