Top ten Bollywood films of famous Indian actress: Mumtaz

Famous Indian actress Mumtaz

If we watch a few films of late ’50s and very early ‘60s, we would overlook famous Indian actress MumTaz in several not worth mentioning ‘roles’. She began as an extra and a junior artist. But Mumtaz proved that a combination of hard work, talent and discipline pay off- even in the capricious Indian Film Industry. She and her sister Malika came  to Bollywood only for monetary reasons. But Mumtaz’s saucy appeal and talent elevated her from small roles to lead roles. Mumtaz seized stardom from Bollywood movies “Ram aur shayam”, followed by “Bharamchari”. Mumtaz gave a boost to Rajesh Khanna’s career too. Mumtaz & Rajesh’s wave of hit Bollywood movies: “Do Raste”, “Roti, Dushman”, “Apna desh”, “Ap ki kasam” & “Schha Jhotta” was unforgettable, with no speed breakers from 1967- 1974. All of these movies furiously hit the box office. Audiences loved to see both of them together on screen.  Due to her humble nature Mumtaz revived the careers of many actors like Sameer, Rajindhar Kumar, Sunill Dutt and Shatrughan Sinha etc. Her marriage to a London based industrialist put a full stop to her stardom. In 1990, Mumtaz tried to make a comeback with Bollywood movie “Aandiyian”, but by that time, the audience had lost allure in the former actress. It was difficult for the audience to accept her in middle aged sober roles, when they had seen the peak of the blazing career on screen.

Top ten best Bollywood films of famous Indian actress Mumtaz are:

  • # 10 … Roti
  • # 9 …Lofar
  • # 8 …Dushman
  • # 7 …Apna desh
  • # 6 … Bharmchari
  • # 5 …Ap ki kasam
  • # 4 …Khilona
  • # 3 …Schha jhotta
  • # 2 …Chor machaye Shor
  • # 1 …Do Raste

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MairaS (755 Posts)

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    Very nice movie. S very nice Actior

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