Top best movies of famous Hollywood actor: Matt Damon

Famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon

Matthew Paige Damon is still young for his achievements he already has under his belt. He was born in 1970 in Cambridge Massachusetts. Just shy of his fortieth birthday, Damon is already one of the top forty highest grossing actors of all time. His first big claim to movie fame came from a screenplay he co-wrote with long-time friend, Ben Affleck, back in 1997 for a movie called Good Will Hunting. It won the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and Damon got a nomination for his acting, too. Not a bad launch for a career that has featured him in such roles as Jason Bourne (the Bourne Series) and Linus Caldwell (the Oceans series). At just 39, we can’t help but ask ourselves what’s next for Matt Damon? Well, one role we can be sure of is that of “dad”. Damon and wife, Luciana, are expecting their third child together this fall. Luciana already had one daughter when they married. Maybe he needs to be one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood, especially if this next one turns out to be yet another girl!

Damon’s action and comedy roles usually draw him much acclaim. His boy-next-door grin and dimples make him quite popular as a male lead and he seems ready and eager to tackle any role. He has even tackled some darker parts, too. He literally lost himself in his role in the Martin Scorsese’s film, the Departed and won massive critical acclaim for his performance.

He did earn criticism for his failure to pull off a plausible supposedly British accent in the box office flop, the Brothers Grimm. To this I say, “so what?”

Other than his shared Academy Award for Best Screenplay for Good Will Hunting, 1997, Damon has had little success in taking home trophies. He did receive nominations from the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for Invictus.

Selected filmography of Matt Damon: Top ten best movies of Matt Damon are:

1. Oceans 11
2. Oceans 12
3. Oceans 13
4. The Bourne Identity
5. The Bourne Supremacy
6. The Bourne Ultimatum
7. The Talented Mr. Ripley
8. Invictus
9. Saving Private Ryan
10. The Departed

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