The Famous Lollywood Comedian Munawar Zareef

Popular film actor of Pakistan Munawar Zareef

Munawar Zareef was a versatile and legendary actor who came and conquered the whole cinema. The famous comedian Munawar Zareef was the follower of his elder brother Zareef. Born in 1976, he was the best comedian in the Pakistani cinema and is regarded as one of the finest comedians ever produced in subcontinent. His versatile performance and excellent acting ruled the Pakistani cinema in seventies. He started his showbiz career in 1961 and his first film was Dandian. In 1964 he got breakthrough from his film Hath Jor. After his fantabulous performance in the marvelous film Hath Jor he became a top comedian. He acted as the hero of the film in Pardey Mein Rehney Doe. In 1973, he did title roles in two films. Banarsi Thugg and Jeera Blade.

Munawar did more than 300 films from year 1961 to the year 1976. This makes 16 years. What made him more popular was his out of script dialogues. Owing to his excellent performance during his filmy career, he was awarded with three Nigar Awards. The three awards were for his out-standing acting in Bharo Phool Barsao, Zeenath and Ishaq Deewana. In his 300 films his acting in every film stands out so that one cannot tell which is best and which isn’t. Some of the famous films of Munawar include Hamrahi, Mooj Mela, Bharia Mela, Pupli Saab, Chakar Baaz, Banarsi Thug, Manjhi Khitay Dhanwa, Dou Putran Anarada and many others. Munawar died of a heart attack in 1976.

Top Ten Films of Munawar Zareef

1. Banarsi Thug

2. Zeenath

3. Ishaq Deewana

4. Manjhi Khitay Dhanwa

5. Baharo Phool Barsao

6. Heer Ranjha

7. Nokar Wohti DA

8. Jeera Blade

9. Mooj Mela

10. Chakar baaz


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