Review: Pakistani movie 3 Bahadur

3 Bahadur


Muneeba  Yaseen : Amna (voice)

Hanzla Shahid       : Kamil (voice)

Zuhub Khan Saadi (voice)

Behroze Subawari : Deenu (voice)

Ally Khan:                 Young Mangu (voice)

Khalid Ahmed   : Old Mangu (voice)

Director: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Producer: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Salman Iqbal and Jerjees Seja

Story: Kamran Khan

Screenplay: Kamran Khan

Editing: Husian Qaizar

Music: John Angier

Release Date: 22nd May 2015

Box Office: Rs. 6.63 crores (USD 650,000 approx.)

It is good to see Pakistani film directors exploring the different genres of film, Teen Bahadur is the first animated movie of Pakistan. These days extensive marketing is done to gain the attention of the audience and in most cases the movies just do not live up to the hype created; however Teen Bahadur did live up to the expectations associated with it. After all it was directed by the Academy Award winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

The movie Teen Bahadur is about three extraordinary eleven years old children Amna, Kamil and Saadi who use their powers to bring real change. The three friends live in a fictional settlement called Roshan Basti where peace and harmony prevail more like the old Karachi where people from all religions, socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities lived together peacefully. However the peace is shattered by Mangu who manages to unleash evil in every form. Saadi’s father who dared to stand against the evil was eliminated by Mangu. The town becomes a picture of gloom and despair and becomes Andher Nagri. But if there is evil, there are good forces too and in our story of Teen Bhadur, the good force is in the form of Deenu who guides the three brave friends in their fight against the evil. The children gain super powers which they use to fight Mangu and his goons. In the end good prevails and using his super powers, Saadi is able to banish evil in a black hole.

Overall Teen Bahadur is a great effort and the animation is excellent at par with the international standards. Voice dubbing has been done by senior actors and the quality of Urdu language is really commendable (with so many slangs Urdu does not sound graceful anymore). The pun, humor and action in the movie keep the audience interested till the end. Social and political issues have been sensitively tackled in the movie; in fact the audience can easily relate to these issues. Teen Bahadur carries a message for children as it exhorts them to explore their courage and inner capabilities to defeat evil.

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MairaS (755 Posts)

Webpreneur. CEO ContentCreatorZ Pakistan. Managing Partner Media Marketing Services.

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