Pakistan’s Lyricists Move Listeners’ Hearts

Lyricist is the person involved in creative words used in songs. A successful lyric writer works in association with a musical composer and works with music in conjunction. A lyricist writes the song and also the music, ultimately giving the artistic feel. A good lyricist works well with others and is good in communicating the words through a song.

Jamiluddin Aali

One such best lyricist in Pakistan is Jamiluddin Aali. He is a noted poet, playwright, critic, columnist, essayist and a Pakistan scholar. He is famous for his ‘Jeeway Jeeway ‘national song.

Jamiluddin Aali has a melodious voice and exceptional understanding of classical music. His poetic sensibility assures to take his listeners to ecstasy and his ghazals are sure to mesmerize. He deviated from the Hindu doha old rules and took to new heights taking to thematic boundaries. His dohas and ghazals are by nature autobiographical and he showed great concern about contemporary issues.

Jamiluddin Aali, prominent lyrics include Aye Watan Ke Sajelay Jawanoo, Mera Paigham Pakistan, Aye Des Ki Hawaon, Kushboo Mein Bas Ke Jao, Yeh Kavita Pakistani Hai, Hum Maain, Hum Behnain, Hum Baitiyan, Mein Chota Sa Ek Ladka Hoon, and many more. He is the recipient of awards namely Pride of Performance in 1991, Habib Bank literary award in 1965, Sant Kabeer award in 1989, Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2004, Canadian Urdu Academy Award in 1988, and more.

Idris Azad
Idris Azad was also well known as a multi-genre writer for publishing philosophical works, poetry and novels. His publications include Aurat, Iblees aur Khuda, Maoseeqi, Islam Maghrib Kay Katheray Main, and few more.

Idris Azad is very thoughtful and philosophical. His poetry reveals his depth of knowledge in his works. He has written on different topics and has completed over 18 books. he also has attended different seminars and has delivered lectures in hundreds.

Idris Azad is progressive writer, non controversial expresses his liberal thoughts, although his topics are mostly controversial. However, he justifies the aspects of such relevant topics and intelligently remains uncontroversial.

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