Pakistani Film actress Zeba Bakhtiyar: Top ten movies

Pakistani Film actress Zeba Bakhtiyar: Top ten movies

Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiyar has a pretty and innocent face. For most of the new and upcoming actresses of Pakistan the famous actress Zeba Bakhtiyar is their ideal and role model. Lollywood actress Zeba Bakhtiyar is well known for her acting skills. The famous actress with excellent acting skills has worked in movies and dramas. The pretty actress Zeba Bakhtiyar has also worked as a TV drama director. The Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiyar has an ideal personality and a pretty innocent face. The pretty actress Zeba Bakhtiyar was born in 1971.

Highlights of Zeba Bakhtiyar’s career

The ideal actress Zeba Bakhtiyar became famous from her first movie named “Henna” which was basically a Bollywood film. She was immediately recognized due to her pretty and innocent face along with her superb acting skills. Her first drama on TV was named “Anarkali” and her acting skills along her innocent face were immensely popularized. In Lollywood she was highly embraced for her movie “Sargam” and again she was recognized for her excellent acting skills along with her pretty and innocent face.  Due to her hard work in movie “Sargam” she also obtained the prestigious Nigar award.  Subsequently she has worked in various movies and she has also worked in dramas. Nowadays she is directing and producing dramas in Pakistan.

Zeba Bakhtiyar: Top ten movies

  1. Qaid
  2. Henna
  3. Stuntman
  4. Sargam
  5. Chief Sahib
  6. Babu
  7. Muqadama
  8. Jai Vikranta
  9. Mohabbat Ki Aarzoo
  10. Deshwasi
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