Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actress: Madhuri Dixit

Best movies of famous Indian actress Madhuri Dixit

Famous Indian actress, Madhuri Dixit was born in 1967 (May 15) and is known in Indian film industry fans for her brilliant acting skills, her sparkling smile and above all, for her dancing skills. Madhuri Dixit appeared in her first ever Indian Bollywood Hindi movie “Abode”, in 1984 at the age of 17. Madhuri Dixit holds the record of earning maximum Filmfare award nominations. She earned 13 nominations for her performances in various movies. Madhuri has won the hearts of her fans and critics with her dedication and acting skills. Till date, she has worked in 67 Hindi movies. She is loved and praised for her performance in almost all of them.

Madhuri Dixit is considered an icon for the leading ladies of Bollywood in current generation. She has earned a lot of respect not only by ruling the box office for more than a decade but also by her unfaltering performances in a variety of roles. She is among the very few Bollywood leading ladies who have performed in meaningful roles. Other than a few of her early career movies, she has chosen her roles wisely where she had the margin of performing well. Madhuri Dixit has set some very high standards in the Indian film industry. Take a look at the highly expressive songs like “Maar Dala” and a few scenes from the movie “Lajja” and one can understand why Madhuri Dixit is considered one of the best ever Indian film actresses.

Let’s go through the list of top ten movies of Madhuri Dixit:

10. Dil

9. Saajan

8. Khalnayak

7. Anjaam

6. Mrityudand

5. Dil to Pagal Hai

4. Hum Aap ke hein kaun?

3. Lajja

2. Devdas

1. Beta

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79th Academy Awards (2006 Oscar Awards)

Academy Award winner Hollywood movie The Departed

This was a year where there were no “sure bets” at the Oscars. While several films captured a “few” nominations, no clear front-runner emerged before the big night. Still, when the Oscars were handed out, there was no shortage of stars shining in the audience and grandstanding on behind the podium.

The Academy Award for Best Film of 2006 went to the Departed, which also garnered a Best Director Academy Award 2006 for Martin Scorsese and Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award 2006 for William Monahan. Mark Wahlberg also got a nomination for best supporting actor for his role in the film, but lost in a hotly contested battle to veteran, Alan Arkin who won for his role in Little Miss Sunshine.

Some of the luminaries of the Big Screen who received what most term the “ultimate honor” in their field included:

Best Actor Oscar Award 2006– Forrest Whitaker for the Last King of Scotland

Best Actress Oscar Award 2006– Helen Mirren for the Queen

Best Supporting Actress Oscar Award 2006 – Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls

Best Animated Film Oscar Award 2006 – Happy Feet

Best Cinematography Oscar Award 2006– Guillermo Navarro for Pan’s Labyrinth

Best Original Score Oscar Award 2006–Gustavo Santaoalla for Babel

Best Original Song Oscar Award 2006–I Need to Wake-Up – Melissa Ethridge for an Inconvenient Truth

Best Original Screenplay Oscar Award 2006– Michael Arndt for Little Miss Sunshine

Best Visual Effects Oscar Award 2006– Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead Man’s Chest

Some saw the thin spread of awards over a broader spectrum of films as indicative of more “quality films” out in 2006. Other, more-jaded film critics, simply felt that there were no “super star quality” films that deserved to rake in multiple awards.

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78th Academy Awards (2005 Oscar Awards)

2005 Oscars, The 78th Academy Awards Shared the Bounty

More than one film entered into the competition for Hollywood’s most coveted statuette with nominations in several categories. Perhaps it was an attempt at fairness that scattered the actual awards amongst them, or maybe they all had enough merit that each warranted this sort of honor. Controversial films and unexpected hits filled the playbill and when the curtains went up the honors, like confetti, fell all over the audience.

The Best Picture award, along with the Best Editing and Best Original Screenplay honors went to Crash, a film that only garnered one nomination for acting, a best supporting spot that went to Matt Dillon. Dillon lost out to George Clooney for his role in Syriana. The 2005 Best Actor Oscar was awarded to Phillip Seymour Hoffman for his performance in Capote. Reese Witherspoon’s performance as June Carter Cash in the hit, Walk the Line, earned her the Best Actress trophy and Rachel Weiscz took home the Best Supporting Actress award for her work in the Constant Gardener.

Other gleaming statuettes were scattered about as follows:

Best Animated Feature – Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Best Cinematography – Dion Beebe for Memoirs of a Geisha

Best Director – Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain

Best Original Score – Gustavo Santaolalla for Brokeback Mountain

Best Adapted Screenplay – Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana for Brokeback Mountain

It was a year of big hits and popular fan favorites vying against more dramatically acclaimed offerings, and the awards were spread a little more evenly than usual amongst them.

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82nd Academy Awards (2009 Oscar Awards)

Hurt Locker-Hollywood movie

2009 Oscar Awards – A Look Back

Before we start looking ahead, wondering who will take home the most-coveted of Hollywood awards, Oscars later this month, it seems only fitting we look back to what happened this time last year. 2009 was a year of surprises at the Academy Awards. While, as expected, Avatar (Cameron’s much-hyped epic) received a fair share of nods, it was the film’s we didn’t expect to win that caught and captured the attention.

For instance, instead of Avatar, with its multi-million dollar budget and the media frenzy surrounding it, the winner of the Best Film Oscar Award of 2009 was a lower-budget film called, The Hurt Locker. Actually, the winner also took home a number of other Oscars 2009 including: Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Writing (Original Screenplay). It wasn’t the only surprise in last year’s award ceremony. How about the idea of Jeff Bridges winning Best Actor Oscar Award 2009 for his role in Crazy Heart? Not too many of those in-the-know had that picked right.

Let’s recap the major awards that were handed out in 2009:

Best Film Oscar Award 2009 – the Hurt Locker

Best Animated Film Oscar Award 2009  – Up

Best Documentary Oscar Award 2009  – The Cove

Best Foreign Language Film Oscar Award 2009  – The Secret in their Eyes

Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar Award 2009  – Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar Award 2009– Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)

Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar Award 2009– Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar Award 2009– Mo’Nique (Precious)

Best Director/Directing Oscar Award 2009 – Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)

Best Musical Score Oscar Award 2009– Up

Best Original Song Oscar Award 2009– The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)

Best Art Direction Oscar Award 2009- Avatar

Best Visual Effects Oscar Award 2009 – Avatar

Best Cinematography Oscar Award 2009– Avatar

Best Writing/Adapted Screenplay Oscar Award 2009– Precious – based on the novel Push by Sapphire

Best Original Screenplay Oscar Award 2009– The Hurt Locker

Of course, Oscars are handed out for so many categories that none of us really understand, and it would take a page or two to list all of them. Still, this covers the bases and, while Avatar certainly took home several prestigious awards, it was not the clear-cut winner that Titanic had been. In fact, it was year for upsets and surprises but we aren’t supposed to be able to pick the winners. These awards are given out by those with the experience and expertise that most of us only dream of. Who will win this year? We’ll all be tuning in to see.

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81st Academy Awards (Oscar Awards 2008)

Slumdog millionaire

2008 Academy Awards – When the 81st Academy Awards Went to the “Dogs”

The more out-there some films are, the more the Academy’s membership seems to dote on them. That was certainly the case in 2008 Academy Awards when the top honor, Best Picture Academy Award 2008, went to an off-the-wall film, Slumdog Millionaire. The film also picked up cinematography, editing and directing Oscars. Its cast, however, didn’t fare as well. They followed more closely upon the anticipated outcome of movie viewers, especially the post-humus nod to Heath Ledger for his final film before his untimely death, the Dark Knight.

Here are some of the big winners from the 2008 Academy Awards:

Best Picture Academy Award 2008: Slumdog Millionaire

Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award 2008 – Departures

Best Documentary Academy Award 2008  – Man on Wire

Best Animated Feature Film  Academy Award 2008 – Wall-E

Best Actor in a Leading Role Academy Award 2008  – Sean Penn (Milk)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Academy Award 2008  – Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Best Actress in a Leading Role Academy Award 2008  – Kate Winslet (The Reader)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Academy Award 2008  – Penelope Cruz (Maria Elena)

Best Cinematography Academy Award 2008 – Slumdog Millionaire

Best Art Direction Academy Award 2008  – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Director/Directing Academy Award 2008  – Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Music/Original Score Academy Award 2008  – A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Original Song Academy Award 2008– Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire)
Best Visual Effects Academy Award 2008– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Writing/Adapted Screenplay Academy Award 2008  –Slumdog Millionaire

Best Writing/Original Screenplay Academy Award 2008  – Milk

Not all of these films won popularity polls with the public, but the public doesn’t pick the Oscars. This year we’ll see if they and we agree or disagree by tuning in and keeping our fingers crossed for our favorites.

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Top Indian Bollywood Awards 2008 (IIFA-Screen-FilmFare)

Bollywood movie Jodha Akbar

The year 2007 is known for amazing Bollywood films such as “Jab We Met”, “Chak De India”, “Cheeni Kum”, “Guru”, “Gandhi My Father”, “Honeymoon Travels”, “Taare Zameen Par” and “Life in a Metro”; the list goes on.  This is the same year when the Indian Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif proved her acting skills in “Namastey London” while Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan in Bollywood succeeded as couple in “Guru”. On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid of Indian film industry split after delivering the super hit Bollywood film “Jab We Met”. In short, 2007 was full of surprises for Bollywood. With such an amazing list of films the competition for “Best Bollywood Film”, “Best Bollywood Male Lead role” and “Best Bollywood Female Lead” got even tougher. Let’s have a look at who was lucky enough to take home the golden trophy.

Best Bollywood Film Award 2008

Interestingly, in the year 2008, the Best Bollywood Film category had three different winners in three different awards. The “Best Bollywood Film Star Screen Award 2008” winner was “Jodhaa Akbar”, “Best Bollywood Film IIFA Award 2008” was “Chak De India”, and “Best Bollywood Filmfare Award 2008” for “Best Bollywood Film” went to “Taare Zameen Par”.

Best Bollywood Male Actor Award 2008

Indian Actor Shahrukh Khan won Best Male Actor IIFA Award 2008 and Filmfare 2008 for “Chak De India”, while the “Star Screen award 2008” for “Best Male Actor” went to Hrithik Roshan for “Jodhaa Akbar”.

Best Bollywood Female Actress Award 2008

Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra won “Best Bollywood Actress Star Screen Award 2008” for “Fashion” while Kareena Kapoor was the winner of the Best Bollywood Actress IIFA Award 2008 and “Filmfare Bollywood Best Female Actress 2008” for “Jab We Met”.

Best Bollywood director Award 2008

Indian Director Ashutosh Gowariker won “Best Bollywood Director Star Screen Award 2008” for “Jodhaa Akbar”, Aamir Khan won best Bollywood director Filmfare award 2008 for “Taare Zameen Par”, and Shimit Amin was the winner for IIFA “Best Director Award 2008” for the film “Chak De India”.

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Top Indian Awards (Bollywood): 2009 (IIFA-Screen-FilmFare)

Sexiest actress of Indian film industry Priyanka Chopra

Every year our favorite Bollywood actors and actresses work in a wide variety of films. How good or bad their performances are plays a minor role until the nominations are announced for upcoming awards like the “IIFA”, “Star Screen” or “Filmfare”. That’s the time when it really matters how well they performed during that specific year, and how well written and performed certain characters were. Above all, it’s not just actors whose performances matter. There are other categories, such as “Best Bollywood Director”, “Best Bollywood Film”, or “Best Bollywood Music Director” are what matter a lot when it comes to award winning ceremonies. Competition gets tougher every year as the performances get better and better. These professionals experiment and come up with new things with better presentations. The harder the competition gets, the more interesting it becomes to wait for the result of these award ceremonies. Let’s have a look at the list of the winners of Bollywood Awards in 2009.

Best Bollywood Film Award 2009

“Jodha Akbar” won the award for “Best Bollywood Film” in the year 2009 at the “Star Screen awards 2009”, “IIFA Awards 2009” and “Filmfare Awards 2009”.

Best Actor Award

Indian Actor Hritik Roshan won “Best Actor” throughout the year. He was the winner of the “Star Screen Award”, “IIFA” and “Filmfare Award 2009”.

Best Bollywood Actress Award 2009

The fashionable Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra won the “Best Bollywood Actress Award 2009” at “Star Screen Awards 2009”, “2009 Filmfare Awards” and “IIFA Awards” in the year 2009.

Best Bollywood Supporting Actor Award 2009

Indian Actor Arjun Rampal won his first award for “Best Bollywood Supporting Actor” in the year 2009 .He was the winner at “IIFA Awards 2009”, “Star Screen Awards 2009” and “Filmfare Awards 2009”.

Best Bollywood Music Award 2009

Indian Musician A. R. Rahman won “Best Bollywood Music Award” for the year of 2009. Interestingly he won “Star Screen Best Bollywood music director Award 2009” and “IIFA Award for Best Bollywood music director 2009” for “Jodhaa Akbar” while AR Rehman won the Filmfare Award for “Jane Tu Ya Jane Na”.

Best Newcomer in Bollywood Award 2009

Farhan Akhtar  and Asin won  the “Most Promising Newcomer Award 2009 in “IIFA Awards”, “Star Screen Awards” and “Filmfare Awards”.

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Top Indian Awards (Bollywood): 2010 (IIFA-Screen-FilmFare)

3 idiots

Bollywood is a huge film industry producing a large number of films each year. With the beginning of each new year, Bollywood viewers start making guesses about the upcoming award ceremonies. Whether it’s “Filmfare Awards”, “Star Screen Awards” or “IIFA Awards”, people wait to know who will take most of the Bollywood awards home. As 2010 finally comes to an end, film viewers from all over the world who have even the slightest interest in Bollywood will start waiting for the first award ceremony of the year which is “Star Screen Awards”. Amazingly it is said that Screen Awards are known for setting trends for the rest of the year in Bollywood. Any actor or actress who’s successful in winning “Star Screen Awards” automatically enters the safe zone for rest of the award nominations throughout the year. Let’s see who got lucky and won the most Bollywood awards in the year 2010 for their performance.

In the year 2009 a large number of films were released in Bollywood such as “Wanted”, “Delhi 6”, “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani”,” Billu”, “Kambakkht Ishq”, and the list goes on. However, the actual fight was between “Paa”, “Three Idiots”, “Kaminey” and “Love Aj Kal”. These films got most of the nominations in Bollywood awards. Let’s have a look at the list of winners of 2010 Bollywood awards:

1. Best Bollywood Film  Award 2010

“Three Idiots” won “Best Bollywood Film Award 2010” in “IIFA Awards 2010”, “Star Screen Awards 2010” and “Filmfare Awards 2010”.

2. Best Bollywood Male Lead Award 2010

Indian Actor Amitabh Bachan won the “Best Bollywood Lead role Award 2010” for the film “Paa” at “IIFA Awards 2010”, “Star Screen Awards 2010”, “Filmfare Awards 2010” and the “National Awards 2010”.

3. Best Bollywood Female Lead Award 2010

Indian Actress Vidya Balan won “Best Bollywood Lead Award 2010” for her performance in “Paa” at “Star Screen Awards 2010”, “IIFA Awards 2010” and “Filmfare Awards 2010’.

4. Best Bollywood Director Award 2010

Indian Director Rajkumar Hirani won “Best Bollywood Director Award 2010” for “Three Idiots” at “IIFA Awards 2010”, “Star Screen Awards 2010” and “Filmfare Awards 2010”.

5. Best Bollywood Music Director  Award 2010

Indian Musician A.R.Rehman won “Best Bollywood Music Director Award 2010” for the film “Delhi 6” at “Star Screen Award 2010” while Pritam won “Best Bollywood Music Director 2010” for “Love Ajj Kal” at “IIFA Awards 2010” and “Star Screen Awards 2010”, and Amit Trivedi won the “Filmfare Award 2010” for “Best Bollywood Music Director” for “Dev-D”.

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Top Indian Star Screen Awards-Bollywood 2011

Hindi movie Udaan

Finally the first award ceremony of Bollywood for the year 2011 has come to an end. The hard work of 2010 finally paid off, although we got to see many upsets regarding Bollywood. Films like “Action Replay”, “Guzarish”, “Kites” and “Tees Maar Khan” were unexpected flops in Bollywood in year 2011. These were big budget films, but they still were not able to create magic at the box office while many small-budget films were able to amaze us with high quality of production. Due to different upsets on the box office in Bollywood, people were hoping for something unexpected in “Star Screen Award 2011” as well. Interestingly everyone got entertained and nobody went home with a sad face. In fact, it seemed as if everybody was able to win the golden trophy. Let’s have a look at the winners of “Star Screen awards 2011”.

Best film 2011

“Udaan” won best film which was very well deserved.  It was a low-budget film with a strong script and no big names in the cast.

Best actor 2011

Indian Actor Salman Khan won his very first “Star Screen award” as “Best Male Lead 2011” for the film “Dabangg”.

Best actress 2011

Indian Actress Vidya Balan got “Best Actress Star Screen Award 2011” for her performance in “Ishqiya”.

Most popular actress 2011

Indian Actress Katreena Kaif won “Most Popular Actress Star Screen award 2011” for her performance in “Tees Maar Khan”.

Best performer 2011

Indian Actor Ajey Devgan won “Star Screen Award 2011” for his performance in “Golmaal 3”.

Most Popular actor 2011

Indian Actor Shahrukh Khan won the most popular actor “Star Screen Award 2011” for his performance in “My Name is Khan”.

Best director 2011

Indian Director Vikramaditya Motwane won “Star Screen Award 2011” for his directorial debut “Udaan”. Before this he had “Dev-D” on his credits as a screenwriter.

Best actor in a negative role 2011

Indian Actor Ronit Roy won this very well deserved “Star Screen Award 2011” for his amazing performance in “Udaan”.

Best child artiste 2011

Ayaan Barodia won “Best Child Artist Star Screen Award 2011” for his performance in “Udaan”.

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Best/top ten movies of famous indian actress: Sharmila Tagore

Famous Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore

Shermela Tagore, Indian actress of Bollywood is the proud mother of Saif Ali Khan & Soha Ali Khan. But it’s unfair to say that she is popular because of them because she was the symbol of Bengali beauty and a tremendous actress of Bollywood. Shermela Tagore ancestry is unimpeachable, since she belongs to the family of Rabindranath Tagore who is a famous Bengali son. Debut of Shermela Tagore was also from Bengal “Apur Sansar” which brought this stunning actress to the limelight. In her first Hindi debut, Shermela Tagore performed terrific opposite Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor and proved herself a top-notch actress of that era with a glycerin performance in the same year in the film “Devar”. Shermela Tagore is an actress who used to be in the headlines of newspapers. She stunned the conventional audience by posing in a bikini for the cover of a film magazine, marrying the Nawab of Pataudi and signing on for the fleshy role of ‘Aradhana’ almost in chorus, which literally conveyed her different image to the audience.

Top 10 Bollywood movies of of Sharmila Tagore are as follows:

#10… Chupke Chupke

# 9… Devi

# 8… Virudh – Family comes first

# 7… Amar prem

# 6… Nayak

# 5… Daag

# 4… Devar

# 3… Mausam

# 2…  Khashmir ki Kali

# 1…  Aradhna

It’s impossible to discuss contributions of Shermela Tagore just in one article.  It is notable that any role that she did turned into an emotionally and glamorously juicy character. Shermela Tagore’s every romantic duet with Rajesh Khanna even after her marriage touched their audience’s mind every time and hit the Indian cinema. With her amazing chemistry she gave many superlative performances and songs to their fans like Roop tera mastana, Mere sapno ki rani  (Aradhna) Chingari koi badke, Kuch to log kahe ge (Amer Prem) etc.

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