Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor Shahid Kapoor

Famous Indian actor Shahid Kapoor

Famous Indian Actor Shahid Kapoor was born to Bollywood actor Pankaj Kapoor and actor/classical dancer Neelima Azeem on February 25, 1981. Even after the divorce of his parents he shared a good relationship with his father and stepmother Supriya Pathak. Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor studied in Rajhans Vidyalaya, Mumbai. After studies he decided to join the Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts (SDIPA). That is why  he appeared as the background dancer in “Taal” & “Dil to Pagal Hai”. But when Shahid Kapoor did his Bollywood debut “Ishq Vishk” in 2003, he became the hottest icon of whimsical industry overnight. In a magazine poll, Shahid Kapoor was highly voted (85%) as the hottest newcomer of 2003.

Top 10 best Bollywood movies of  famous Indian actor Shahid Kapoor are:

  • # 10 …Badmash Company
  • # 9 …Chup Chup ke
  • # 8 …Shikhar
  • # 7 …Kismat Konnection
  • # 6 …Dil bole Hadippa
  • # 5 …Fida
  • # 4 … Ishq vishk
  • # 3 … Vivah
  • # 2… Kaminey
  • # 1 … Jab we met

Now Shahid Kapoor’s success news are everywhere due to his super hit “Kaminey”. But the cherry on the cake is that this is his 4 consecutive hit in the last 2 years, making him one of the most bankable stars. The hits journey of  Indian actor Shahid Kapoor started with Bollywood movie “Vivah” which was hailed as a super hit, followed by a average performance of Tips’ “Kismet Konnection”, post which came the super hit  Bollywood movie “Jab We Met” and he tops it up with the biggest super hit of his career, “Kaminey”. Now with a few movie contracts, Shahid Kapoor is looking for his next film which must be a super hit as oxygen for his career in the competitive industry called Bollywood.

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Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor Shahid

Pakistani film industry actor Shahid Hameed was the smiling heart throb whose entrance into Pakistani films was so earth-shaking, it literally casted a shadow on the trilogy of famous Pakistani actors Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad and Nadeem in the late 1970’s. He is seen wearing a hippy-chic, mirror work embroidered Kurti paired with flat front flared pants; two and half inch heels and amber shades that were a style obsession with Shahid’s western peer, Ryan O’Neal.

Lollywood’s Shahid Hameed was the Don Juan of the Pakistani film industry during the 1970s. Although, his career span was for only a decade, from 1973-1983, but female hearts flickered copiously during those ten exciting years! Shahid Hamid made just over 200 films, most of them in Urdu. Shahid’s  first film as a hero in Lollywood was 1973’s “Ek Raat” opposite famous Pakistani actress Deeba, who starred with him numerous times. But his career making role in Lollywood was as a villain, opposite Nadeem and Deeba in Pakistani movie “Aansoo”. After Pakistani film industry’s chocolate hero Waheed Murad lost favor with vacillating audiences, Shahid became the most romantic actor of Lollywood during his decade in film years. Like the archetypal star of that era, Shahid’s off camera frolics were almost as interesting as his real life. Shahid was married four times. Three of his marriages were to Pakistani film actresses, namely Zamarrud, Ishrat Chaudhry and Babra Sharif. His 1977 marriage to Babs (Babra Sharif) lasted only a few years.

Top ten best Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor Shahid are:

  • #10 …Uff ye biwian
  • # 9 …Dekha jaye ga
  • # 8 …Dil ne phir yad kiya
  • # 7 …Anmol
  • # 6 …Ansoo
  • # 5 …Aazmesh
  • # 4 …Gharana
  • # 3 …Aabshar
  • # 2 …Zeenat
  • # 1 …Suraiya Bhopali


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Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actress: Shabnum

Famous Pakistani actress Shamnam

Pakistani Actress “Jamha Basak” aka Shabnum spread out her Bengali jadoo by her brilliant appearance as “Jharna” in the low budget Pakistani film “Chanda” in 1962. Shabnam later appeared in Lollywood movies “Talash”, “Aakhri Station” and “Darshan”. She silently stole stardom overnight by giving her finest performances. She was destined to become a real superstar, unmatched in the history of our industry. Pakistani actress Shabnam came to the cinema in the mid-1950s, Bengali films included, and her long career stretched to the early 1990s. So that makes it more than 40 years of dominance. When Shabnam came to the west Pakistani industry she instantly developed a new style with a charming Bengali accent. The charm of the Bengali belle captivated film-goers to such an extent that her accent was considered more an asset than a deficiency.

The Shabnam-Nadeem pair in Lollywood made the best team with ace director Pervez Malik. Together they created some of the most successful movies of Pakistan. By her fine performances, Pakistani actress Shabnam was to reach heights of stardom rarely achieved by any other actress before her. In 1979, her film “Aina”, became Pakistan’s longest running film, and was shown for almost five years. In the early 1980s, she continued her dominance by changing her overall style to the modern look and acted in famous Pakistani films as “Naheen Abhi Naheen”, “Bandish”, “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna”, etc.

Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actress Shabnum are:

  • # 10…Zeenat
  • # 9…Do Ansoo
  • # 8…Qurbani
  • # 7…Dooriyan
  • # 6… Khabhi alveda na khna
  • # 5…Pakeeza
  • # 4…Dewangi
  • # 3…Andaleeb
  • # 2…Bandish
  • # 1…Aaina

Shabnum is the only actress in Lollywood who bagged the most “Nigar” & “National” awards. Now happily lives with her husband Robin Gosh (Music Composer) in her native Bangladesh. She said in her interview that “I still love Pakistan the way I loved it before I left” & “I don’t miss studio life because I played the longest inning and I love my role of Zeenat in Dooriyan”. No one word can even begin to describe the Lollywood diva that was Shabnam. Talented and extremely down-to-earth!

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Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actress: Sabiha Khanum

Pakistani famous film actress Sabiha Khanum

The  list of most senior film actress  in the history of Pakistani film industry would be incomplete without her name.  Lollywood actress Sabiha Khanum reigned supreme in the hearts of the film-goers. Her innocence, her coy smiles and captivating personality earned her the title of “First Lady of Pakistani Cinema”. Whereas most actors have one definitive forte, Sabiha Khanum won over audiences and critics with strikingly versatile characterizations. Sabiha Khanum made her debut in Pakistani film industry as a dancer in Masud Pervaiz’s “Beli” (1950). The film which did not allow her to look back was “Do Ansoo”. Sabiha Khanum gained immense prominence after her challenging role of a mentally retarded girl in the Pakistani film “Gumnaam” (1954). After these the success of Sabiha Khanum’s Pakistani movies “Wadah”, “Saasi”, “Shaikh Chilli”, “Aas Paas”, “Choti Begum”, “Daata”, “Ayaz”, and “Saath Lakh” were written by golden ink on the pages of her splendid career. During her career span Sabiha Khanum worked with many heroes like Sudhir, Habib, Kamal, Ejaz and Santosh- the man she eventually married.

Top 10 Lollywood movies of  famous Pakistani actress Sabiha Khanum are:

  • # 10 …Saltanat
  • # 9 …Mukhra
  • # 8 …Mauseqar
  • # 7 …Ishq e Laila
  • # 6 …Sarfarosh
  • # 5 … Shikwa
  • # 4 …Aik gunah aur sahi
  • # 3 …Gumnaam
  • # 2 …Wadah
  • # 1 …Saath lakh

“Aye Mausam Rangeele” (Saath Lakh), “Mera dil chana kach da” (Mukhra), “Chand takkaye chup chup ke” (Ishq e laila) are the songs which are still unforgettable due to Sabiha Khanum’s performances. She played in many TV plays. These days Sabiha Khanum is in America with her son. We wish her a long life and hope to see her back on screen soon.

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Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor: Shaan

Famous Pakistani actor shaan

If we look in the current star genre, we don’t see many good actors in Lollywood. Unfortunately in most of the films we see almost the same cast. However, recently a wave of change has taken place and some good directors have taken initiatives to help the industry come out of its crisis. No doubt, no film can be successful without the cast.

Shaan is one of the best Pakistani film actors of Lollywood. He is son of veteran film director, the late Riaz Shahid. Pakistani film actor Shaan started his career as a young romantic hero in the Pakistani film “Bulandi” (1990) and got great acceptance from audiences as new blood to Pakistani films. Shaan has proved that his work can be compared with any actor of Bollywood. Shaan’s dialogue delivery and body language is amazing. The best Pakistani movies of Shaan include ‘Bulandi’, ‘Ghoongat’, ‘Sangam’, ‘Khilona’, ‘Nikah’, ‘Majajan’, ‘Mujhay Chand Chahiye’, ‘Daku Rani’, and ‘Khuda Kay Liye’. Shaan’s work in the Pakistani film ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ is just awesome and leaves you reeling in the climax. Shan is the only actor of Lollywood who is successful in both Urdu and Punjabi films, working in up to 200 movies.

Top 10 best Lollywood movies of  famous Pakistani actor Shaan are:

  • # 10 …Tere pyar me
  • # 9 …Khilona
  • # 8 …Mujhay chand chahiye
  • # 7 …Ghoonghat
  • # 6 …Daku Rani
  • # 5 …Bulandi
  • # 4 …Sangam
  • # 3 …Nikha
  • # 2 …Majajan
  • # 1 …Khuda ke leye
Shaan has time and again proved his acting talent to the world. Although he has acted in the traditional Punjabi cinema roles, the actor is respected for the diversity of his roles and his great acting talent and not to forget his great looks.

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Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor: Shashi Kapoor

Famous Indian actor Shashi Kapoor

The youngest and extra good-looking son of the late Prithviraj Kapoor, Indian actor Shahshi Kapoor had extreme ups and downs in his film life. But he never left his desire for quality cinema throughout his whole career. Different in outlook and tastes from his glitzy brothers, Shashi Kapoor began his Bollywood career as child star,  playing Raj Kapoor as a kid in ‘Aag’ and ‘Awara’. He was the first Kapoor who got lost in the tresses of an English babe Jennifer Kendall. Only for monetary reasons after marriage, Shashi Kapoor signed his first Bollywood film as a hero, Krishan Chopra’s ‘Char Diwari’ (1961). Although it was not too commercial and a not necessarily a ticket to success. He was floundering in the field where his both brothers were enjoying the status of top heroes. Even after many flops filmmakers had a faith in him. That’s why Shashi Kapoor’s next Bollywood movie, ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’, justified their confidence and Shashi became a celebrity with this hit. After this he managed many hit movies in Indian and English cinema alike.

Top ten best Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor Shashi Kapoor are:

  • # 10 …In custody
  • # 9 …Shakespeare Wallah
  • # 8 …Aa gale lag ja
  • #7 …Shaan
  • # 6 …Chor machaye Shor
  • # 5…Namak Halal
  • # 4 …Khabie Khabie
  • # 3 …Silsala
  • # 2 …Sammy and rose gat laid
  • # 1 … Deewar

“Mr. Punctual” (The title given to Shashi Kapoor in Bollywood due to his punctuality) earned  lots of money and reinvested in the quality films. He was considered the busiest personality and his brother Raj titled him as “Taxi” due to multiple shifts at work. Now Shashi Kapoor is in obscurity with poor health and financial conditions and spending life in memories of his busiest days. Finally the taxi has come to rest.

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Top ten Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor: Santosh Kumar

Pakistani famous film actor Santosh Kumar

Pakistani actor Syed Moosa Raza aka “Santosh Kumar” was born on 25th December, 1925 in Lahore. As a pre-requisite for a higher government officer job, he graduated from Usmania University Hyderabad with a distinction. While Santosh Kumar was waiting for his interview a friend directed his attention towards films. Since Santosh Kumar looked like a typical prince of a romantic movie with superb facial cuts, more than average height, quick wit, and laudable etiquette – he didn’t have to work hard for a role in films. Pakistani film ‘Ahensa’ was the first film of Santosh Kumar in Lollywood as a hero, which was released in 1948 and he got stardom overnight. After independence, Santosh migrated to Lahore, Pakistan, along with his family.  Pakistani movie ‘Beli’ was his first film as a hero, which was shot and released in Pakistan. So even from the emergence of the Pakistani film industry, Santosh Kumar became the necessity for the films and he never looked back. One commercially successful movie after another kept his grip on our imagination and he worked relentlessly to pursue realistic goals.

Santosh Kumar participated in Tariq Aziz’s TV Quiz Show “Neelam Ghar” in the 1980′s and won the car which justifies the statement that Santosh Kumar was a highly educated and knowledgeable person. Santosh left for the eternal journey on June 11, 1982. Today, Santosh Kumar is no longer with us, but his memorable performances light a fire in the hearts of  countless cine-goers that will never be extinguished.

Top ten best Lollywood movies of famous Pakistani actor Santosh Kumar are:

  • # 10 …Chunn way
  • # 9 …Gulnar
  • # 8…Qatil
  • # 7 …Moseqar
  • # 6 …Humrahi
  • # 5 …Kaneez
  • # 4 …Deewar Bhabhi
  • # 3 …Muhabbat
  • # 2 …Neela
  • # 1 …Do Ansoo

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Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor: Sanjeev Kumar

 Popular Indian actor Sanjeev Kumar

Harihar Jariwala, better known as “Sanjeev Kumar” of Indian film industry, was born into a conventional Gujarati family living in an apartment in Bombay. And that is where he developed his passion for acting. After doing theatre, Sanjeev Kumar enrolled in the Filmalaya Acting School which brought him a crumb role in his first Indian film, “Hum Hindustani” (’60). Strangely, the future thespian failed his first screen test of “Aarti” (’62), even after the fourth months of training  opposite the famous Indian actress Meena Kumari. Sanjeev, however, stuck with it and in 1965, his first film as a hero, the B-grade “Nishaan”, was released. Fortunately, his proficiency as an actor triumphed even in the insignificant films that typified this phase of his career. Sanjeev Kumar is an actor par excellence who established a phenomenal reputation by playing an amazing gamut of role. Sanjeev Kumar was accepted as Jaya Bhaduri’s lover in Bollywood movie “Anamika” (’73), as her father in Bollywood movie “Parichay” (’72) and convincingly played Jaya’s father-in-law in block buster Bollywood movie” Sholay” (’75) . Sanjeev Kumar simply rephrased many of the caucus of Bollywood, because, for Sanjeev, commercial paraphernalia always took second place to the ‘role’. The one who gave many golden jubilee movies could not reach the golden jubilee of his life and passed away too soon.

Top ten best Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor Sanjeev Kumar are:

  • # 10 …Anamika
  • # 9 …Namkeen
  • # 8 …Muasam
  • # 7 …Aandhi
  • # 6 …Angoor
  • # 5 … Seeta aur geeta
  • # 4 … Khoshish
  • # 3 … Trishul
  • # 2 …Shitranj ke khiladi
  • # 1 …Sholey

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Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actress: Samita Patel

One of the best Indian actresses Smita Patel

Like Bollywood actors Shabana Azmi, Naserudin Shah & Om Puri, Indian actress Samita Patel is another pillar of the Indian art cinema. These are the actors who are real acting institutions in themselves. Bollywood actress Samita Patel is considered as a realistic actress of Indian film industry who has played many roles near to life. Her acting was incomparable which also led her in the archetypal Hindi movies. May be many of us will ask, what she has she really achieved? But the industry knows how big an actress she was. She was also one of the hottest and boldest actresses of that era. Samita Patel was a cult actress who got stardom and fan power with just a snap of her fingers because of her deep acting capabilities. Samita Patel was married to Raj Babbr but her life did not give her time and she left many fans in tears at the age of 31.

Her death did not demolish her name; Samita Patel is still alive on the golden pages and memory of the Indian film industry. Top ten best Bollywood movies of famous Indian actress Samita Patel are:

  • # 10 …Arth
  • # 9 … Mirch Masala
  • # 8 … Bazzar
  • # 7 …Akhir Kyon
  • # 6 …Aj ki Awaz
  • # 5 …Manthan
  • # 4… Namak Halal
  • # 3 … Shakti
  • # 2 …Bhomika
  • # 1 … Chakra

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Top ten Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor: Saif Ali Khan

Famous Indian actor Saif Ali Khan

The son of stars Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (a cricker) & Sharmila Tagore (an Actress), Indian actor Saif Ali Khan is  a stylish actor in Bollywood  who made his place in the film industry in his own. He was born in 1970 in New Dehli , and completed his Bachelors degree from Winchester College, UK.  Saif Ali Khan appeared as a star in the Bollywood films “Bekhudi” & “Yeh Dillagi” and won the “Best Debut Award”.He is not in the list of top notch actors and dancers but his dynamic personality and attitude is in the spirit of his fans. His fan power never led him down. Audiences like Saif Ali Khan in every character whether it is a role of a funky and spoiled guy or a serious romantic dude. From 2003 – 2008 Saif Ali Khan had many hit films under the banner of popular Bollywood filmmakers and these years were overwhelmingly good for his image as the best actor.

Top ten best Bollywood movies of famous Indian actor Saif Ali Khan are:

  • # 10 …Mein Khilari tu anari
  • # 9 … Parineeta
  • # 8 … Hum sath sath hain
  • # 7 … Yeh dillagi
  • # 6 … Love Aaj Kal
  • # 5 … Hum Tum
  • # 4 … Omkara
  • # 3 … Race
  • # 2 … Kal ho na ho
  • # 1 … Dil Chahta hai

Saif Ali Khan is included in the top actors of Bollywood list nowadays. With a good number of solo hits under his belts, he is the fourth Khan ready to join the Top Three Khans Trio of Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan has time and again proved his acting skills to his fans and critics alike.

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