Top ten movies of one of the hottest Hollywood actor: Brad Pitt

Hottest hollywood actor Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt later named as Brad Pitt was born in 1963. He is one of the world’s most attractive men, a label which has been associated with his name for quite some time. He is an American actor and an equally good producer. He has been nominated for various awards winning the Golden Globe once and has produced the 2007 Academy Award Winning Best Picture, The Departed.

Pitt was enrolled in the University of Missouri majoring in journalism but left the university just two weeks before the degree to follow his dream career of becoming an actor. This decision of his paid back in every possible way one can think of. The started his career with uncredited appearances in the films No Way Out & Less than Zero. He got his first major break in the movie The Dark Side of the Sun which presented him in a leading role in 1988 but the release was delayed till 1997.

The career defining moment of Brad Pitt ran through a river which is the name of his first successful movie A River Runs Through It. Since then, he has been up among the best with his movies like Interview with the Vampire, Meet Joe Black & Fight Club.

Pitt has been involved in relationships with many of co-stars including Robin Givens, Jill Schoelen and Juliette Lewis. Starting in 2005, Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie became one of the most reported celebrity stories worldwide.   

The actor of his class has a number of movies which can be rated as the best. The top ten movies of Brad Pitt include;

  1. Fight Club
  2. Troy
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  4. Se7en
  5. Legends of the Fall
  6. Seven Years in Tibet
  7. Ocean’s 11
  8. Twelve Monkeys
  9. Inglorious Bastards
  10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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Top ten movies of Hollywood actor: Bill Pullman

famous Hollywood actor bill-pullman

William James “Bill” Pullman was born on December 17, 1953. He is an American, television, film and stage actor. He is famous for his grave voice in the industry. He was the sixth child of his parents. He received his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts Amherst from where he was awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts as well.

Bill started his career working for theaters around New York and Los Angeles, California. The debut movie, Ruthless People was the one which gave him a lot of prominence in the filming sphere and he was very soon up among the best. He has since gone on to star in other films, including Spaceballs, Lost Highway, Casper and Scary Movie 4.

In 1996 he played the president of the United States in the commercially successful movie Independence Day. When promoting the movie in South America, some people actually thought he was the President of the United States. Unlike many other stars, he married only once and he has been together with his spouse, Tamara Hurwitz since 1987.

Pullman remained attached with stage throughout his career. He starred with Mercedes Ruehl, in Edward Albee’s play “The Goat or who is Sylvia?” The play won several awards.

In addition to acting, Pullman is a creative writer. His first play, Expedition 6, is about the International Space Station mission Expedition 6. He is also a Jury Member for the digital studio Filmaka, a platform for undiscovered filmmakers to show their work to industry professionals.

Bill Pullman has always been more inclined towards theater and considers it as an important part of his psyche. However, he has done great in the movies as well among which the top ones are mentioned below;

  1. Lost Highway
  2. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  3. You Kill Me
  4. Igby Goes Down
  5. Spaceballs
  6. Malice
  7. Independence Day
  8. The Grudge
  9. Casper
  10. Lake Placid

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Top ten best movies of famous Hollywood actor: Bill Murray

popular hollywood actor bill murray

He was born William James Murray but became Bill Murray after his association with Saturday Night Live. His first television role was as a cast member of the ABC variety show Saturday Night Live for which he won an Emmy Award as well. He was rated the number one comedian in the show “Mouthing Off” & ranked number 82 in the list of Top 100 Movie Stars of all Time by Empire Magazine.

Murray landed his first starring role with the film Meatballs in 1979. In the early 1980s, he starred in a string of box-office hits including Caddyshack, Stripes, and Tootsie. Murray worked on a film adaptation of the novel The Razor’s Edge as well which he co-wrote and starred. The film was released after a delay but proved to be a box office flop.

Bill’s most successful movie was Ghost Busters which became the highest grossing film of 1984. He played the memorable role of Peter Venkman and was idealized by the youngsters because of his stunning performance. The movie was followed by its sequel Ghost Busters II after 5 years.

In the year 2003, he gained considerable acclaim for the movie Lost in Translation, and went on to earn a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, and an Independent Spirit Award, as well as Best Actor awards from a number of film critic organizations.

Murray is a golfer who is crazy about the sport and often plays in celebrity tournaments.

Murray’s comedic roles and witty comments have made him popular among the masses. The funny depiction in movies coupled with humorous remarks has created a huge fan following for him. Just take a look at his top 10 movies;

  1. Ghost Busters
  2. Caddyshack
  3. Stripes
  4. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  5. Groundhog Day
  6. Scrooged
  7. Meatballs
  8. What about Bob?
  9. Lost in Translation
  10. Kingpin
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Top ten movies of famous and hot Hollywood actor: Ben Affleck

famous Hollywood actor Ben Affleck

He is too good to be an ordinary film industry guy, an actor, a producer, director and a critically acclaimed writer.  Born in 1972 with a name Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt and has earned some fame. His true potentials were discovered by the director Kevin Smith in the movies Mallrats & Chasing Away. He was two awards for the screenplay of his movie Good Will Hunting, Academy & Golden Globe. He is the founder of the production company LivePlanet along with Matt Damon, his childhood friend.

Ben was born in California with an Irish surname Affleck, owing to his Irish ancestory.  At the tender age of 8, he met Matt Damon and their friendship has lasted through the rough and tough weather of life. As a child actor, he appeared in the kid series The Voyage of the Mimi. During the last decade of 20th century, he had roles in Lifestories: Families in Crisis.

Affleck grabbed the attention of Hollywood from the movie Good Will Hunting. He later appeared in many box office successes including Armageddon, Pearl Harbor & The Sum of all Fears which is based on the book of same name written by Tom Clancy. He is in no way limited to the films and has continued to appear in HBO series namely George Reeves, Noir Biopic & Hollywoodland.

He appeared in his favorite movie Daredevil in 2003 because Daredevil was his beloved comic character during childhood. The movie grossed $179 million worldwide.  He co-starred with Jennifer Garner in the movie whom he later married in 2005.

Ben Affleck has been the lead actor in numerous blockbusters; the list of top 10 movies is compiled below

  1. Shakespeare in Love
  2. Good Will Hunting
  3. The Town
  4. Dazed & Confused
  5. Chasing Amy
  6. Changing Lanes
  7. State of Play
  8. Boiler Room
  9. Clerks II
  10. Dogma
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Top ten films of famous Hollywood actor: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

Famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger of Hollywood

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born on 30th July 1947. He has lived numerous shades of life beginning with a professional body builder to an actor & director, then a businessman and a politician. He became Mr. Universe at the age of 20, won Golden Globe Award at 29 and became Governor of California when he was 56.

Arnold began his body building career at the age of 15 and accomplished his dream by becoming the best in the business. He has won the Mr. Olympia Contest seven times has and has written several books and articles on the sport.

He has a series of nicknames pertaining to each aspect of his career starting with the “Austrian Oak” and the “Styrian Oak” in his bodybuilding days, then “Arnie” during his acting career and more recently the “Governator” which is a combination of both Governor & Terminator.

After conquering the world of body building, Arnold turned towards his second dream, acting and shun on the widescreen with different roles. He got his first break in the movie Hercules credited under the name Arnold Strong. The first major role was in the movie Stay Hungry. Schwarzenegger drew attention in the bodybuilding film Pumping Iron & purchased the rights to the film, its outtakes, and associated still photography in 1991.

Terminator was released in 1984 and become his trademark movie in a very short period of time. The sense of humor of the tough guy was portrayed in many comedy movies such as Twins and Comedy Junior.

Arnold has not left a single stone unturned and has excelled in every field he has stepped into. The top ten movies of Arnold are listed below;

  1. The Terminator
  2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  3. Predator
  4. Total Recall
  5. Last Action Hero
  6. True Lies
  7. The Running Man
  8. Kindergarten Cop
  9. Commando
  10. Eraser
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Top 10 greatest movies of famous Hollywood actor: Anthony Hopkins

greatest actor of all time- Anthony hopkins of hollywood

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins is a Welsh actor of drama, stage & film. He is a perfectionist and is ready to do the last mile in order to live a character. He prepares for a specific role as long as he can so that he can do it without thinking in a natural style. Renowned for his ability to remember lines, Hopkins keeps his memory supple by learning things by heart such as poetry, and Shakespeare.

Hopkins is a gifted mimic, adept at turning his native Welsh accent into whatever is required by a character. He duplicated the voice of his late mentor, Laurence Olivier, for additional scenes in Spartacus in its 1991 restoration. In Steven Spielberg’s “Amistad”, Hopkins astounded the crew with his memorization of a seven-page courtroom speech, delivering it in one go. An overawed Spielberg couldn’t bring himself to call him Tony, and insisted on addressing him as Sir Anthony throughout the shoot.

Hopkins is perhaps best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecture in The Silence of the Lambs for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor, its sequel Hannibal, and its prequel Red Dragon. Besides his win for The Silence of the Lambs, Hopkins has been Oscar-nominated for The Remains of the Day, Nixon and Amistad.

Hopkins became a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in February 2008. Hopkins has also written music for the concert hall, in collaboration with Stephen Barton as orchestrator.

The acting of Anthony includes immaculate characterization & perfect execution making it appear natural. The list of top ten movies is as follows;

  1. The Silence of the Lambs
  2. Legends of the Fall
  3. Meet Joe Black
  4. The Edge
  5. Instinct
  6. The World’s fastest Indian
  7. Shadowlands
  8. The Elephant Man
  9. The Remains of the Day
  10. Amistad
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Top ten movies of popular and legendary Hollywood actor: Al-Pacino

popular and greatest hollywood actor al pacino

If someone doesn’t know Al Pacino, then the person doesn’t know about Hollywood either. He was born as Alfredo James Pacino on 25th April 1940. He is an American stage and film actor as well as a director. He is known for playing roles of mobsters, including Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy, Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice in Dick Tracy, Tony Montana in Scarface and Carlito Brigante in Carlito’s Way, though he has also appeared several times on the other side of the law — as a police officer, detective and a lawyer.

In 1992, he played the role of a blind, medically retired army officer, Frank Slade. It is a remake of the Italian movie Profumo Di Donna but won critical acclaim as well as viewer’s recognition. The movie won him the Oscar for best actor which was his 8th nomination for the title. The film also won three major awards at the Golden Globe Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Motion Picture – Drama.

It was the 1971 film The Panic in Needle Park, in which he played a heroin addict that brought Pacino to the attention of director Francis Ford Coppola. Pacino was given the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather in 1972, which was a major breakthrough in his career. Although he has never married, Pacino has three children from two of his many relationships.

Pacino’s charm lies in the adaption of different characters. Newsweek stated that

“He [Pacino] can play small as rivetingly as he can play big, that he can implode as well as explode”

Some of the top notch movies of Al Pacino are ranked below;

  1. The Godfather
  2. The Insider
  3. The Godfather II
  4. Scent of a Woman
  5. Serpico
  6. Dog Day Afternoon
  7. Scarface
  8. Glengarry Glen Ross
  9. Insomnia
  10. Donnie Brasco
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Top ten movies of Famous Hollywood actor: Adam Sandler

famous hollywood actor adam sandler and his top ten movies

Adam Richard Sandler was born in New York in the year 1966. He is a natural comedian and nurtured his gift while performing at comedy clubs and campuses from an early age. He switched on his career with Remote Control, an MTV game show and boarded the Hollywood cruise with his movie “Going Overboard” in 1989. The early movies didn’t win him a lot of praise but he established his status as a renowned comic actor with his movies Bulletproof, Happy Gilmore & The Wedding Singer.

Sandler’s charm extended beyond acting to singing, screenwriting & producing. The production company “Happy Madison” was founded in 1999 which has produced a number of hits for both, television and cinema. The upcoming movie “Jack & Jill” features Adam in a double role presenting twin brother and sister.     

Making music is considered entirely different from acting, not for Adam however. He made his mark by musical performances such as The Chanukah Song & Lunchlady Land. His debut album was “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You”

The Waterboy was his first box office hit which initiated a successful streak with movies such as Big Daddy and Mr. Deeds. Sandler’s acting took a dramatic turn with his movie “Punch-Drunk Love” and was nominated for Golden Globe award. The critics such as Roger Ebert have attributed his initial flops to poor scripts and ill-planned characterization. He met Samantha Titone, who happens to be his wife now during filming.

The top ten movies of Sandler comprises of both comedy & dramatic films.

  1. The Waterboy.
  2. The Wedding Singer.
  3. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.
  4. Billy Madison.
  5. Funny People.
  6. Happy Gilmore
  7. Big Daddy
  8. The Longest Yard.
  9. Reign Over Me.
  10. 50 First Dates.

Adam may not be the best comedian in Hollywood but is surely among the best in business.

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5 best movies of famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan

5 best movies of famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan the next big thing in Bollywood these days have had a very rocky patch in the journey of her career up till now. Starting off with Parineeta which was a huge success for a fresh actress Vidya took many roles which were challenging and bold and has proved she to be the finest amongst all the new entries in the industry and is now considered as the leading contemporary actress.

Taking about her five megahit movies it is not difficult to pin them out because she has done only a few good films since 2005 and most of them were not so appreciated by the Indian cinema despite Vidya’s acting in it. So according to the statistics and the box office records Parineeta, Lage raho munna bhai, Paa, Ishqiya and Dirty Picture are Vidya Balan’s best movies.

Pareenita was a musical for which Vidya won her first Filmfare award as a newcomer and was nominated as a best actress of the year at the Filmfare Awards. Second mega Hit was Lage raho munna bhai Vidya’s biggest commercial success which was a sequal to Munna bhai MBBS received great appreciation. Ishqiya was a very bold move for Vidya as it changed her whole image from a girl next door to a player. Paa on the other hand was another stand out role for Vidya as she performed very well as a single mother of a diseased child and a divorcee. Then came the most awaited movie of Vidya that is The Dirty Picture in which audience was surprised by her boldness and loved her side they never saw before, it received a mind blowing opening and is positioned among the top five movies of year 2011. 

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Bollywood Movies: Variety played by Vidya Balan in her roles

Variety played by Vidya Balan in her roles

In 2005 starting with Parineeta till now in the dirt picture, famous Bollywood actress Vidya has played different roles in her movies. She debut as Lalita a simple idealistic girl in Parineeta who was the heart and soul of the story. Then in 2006, she portrayed the role of Jhanvi in the movie Lagay Raho Munna Bhai, as a radio-jockey for that she met and observed real radio jockeys at work. She worked as a supporting role Guru as a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis. Her next release was a multi-starrer romance Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love in which Balan played the role of a television reporter, Tehzeeb Hussain, suffering from a memory loss condition for her performance she got positive reviews saying “Vidya’s transformation from a self-assured working woman to a helpless, vulnerable person is superb.”

Then in the movie Bhool Bhulaiyan she performed splendidly well as a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder. In the movie Paa she played the role of a young independent gynecologist who is also a single-mother struggling with her 12-year-old son’s progeria syndrome, this role was a turning point of her career and won her Filmfare Award for Best Actress and a Star Screen Award for Best Actress, among other awards.

Her next film was Ishqiya in which she played sexually manipulative abandoned wife. Her character was described as a femme fatale, and her performance was applauded by critics and brought Vidya Balan Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress and a second consecutive Star Screen Award for Best Actress.

In her movie No One Killed Jessica Vidya Balan played her first real-life character, that of Sabrina Lal, Jessica’s reticent sister who struggled for years to get justice. She portrayed anguish and strength through her performance. And then came The dirty picture in which Vidya played controversial and provocative actress role who struggles hard to stay on the top and get viewers approval.

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