Most Unforgettable Performances By Leading Male Actors

Greatest Indian actor Rajesh Khanna

Bollywood has produced many actors who deserve to be appreciated in many forms for their unforgettable success in acting. They are the celebrities you love to watch and personalities you want to be like. Over a century of Indian film industry, many good performances by these leading actors have been observed. No body can forget Dilip Kumar as a drunken man in Devdas, Amitabh Bachan as angry man in Dewaar or Raj Kapoor as Awara. Such characters were strongly supported by remarkable performances of greatest actors of Bollywood and got unanimous acclamation across the planet.

There is a long list of breathtaking performances which cannot be covered in a single piece of writing, therefore we try to take a look at a few of them which make a distinction among others and get a special mention.

Rajesh Khanna in Anand, 

Rajesh Khana is the super star of 70’s. He held an iconic ovation for his brilliant performance in a variety of characters in different films of his career. Anand is a 1971’s release that was acclaimed by both critics and audiences of the Indian silver screen.  Rajesh Khanna played the title role and immortalized himself with his most excellent performance as Anand who is a cancer patient but knows the real meaning of life and certainty of death. He symbolized his character with real delight and importance and factually made the audience laugh, cry and get emotional with his performance.

Dev Anand in Guide

The ever green super star, Dev Anand enacted numerous characters in his long film career and brought many good classics for Hindi cinema. His Guide that was release in 1965 is one of his finest movies based on RK Narayan’s novel, The guide. The film was not only applauded for its unique theme, strong plot, beautiful song but also for the real and marvelous performances by the lead characters Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. Dev Anand delivered the defining performance for title role and justifies with each shade of the character.

Amitabh Bachchan in Agneepath

Shehenshah of Bollywood,  Amitabh Bachchan has got many awards for his legendary performances in various roles. 1990’s release Agneepath was the film which earned him his first National Award for his wonderful performance as a Mafia don. It’s an amazing movie of his career which though was not a commercial hit but was praised worldwide for his eternal portrayal as Vijay Dinanath Chuhan, a gangster who wants to take revenge from his enemies for killing his innocent father. Amitabh fantastically meets with each shade of his character in the journey of finding vengeance and redemption. His perfect dialogue delivery with a raspy voice, remarkable expressions and superb portrayal made the character unforgettable.

Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar

1975’s Dewaar is a legendry film where Amitabh Bachach’s classic acting adds a crowning splendor on his crown. It’s a tale of two poor brothers who struggle to survive on the streets of the city after their family’s betrayal due to lost idealism of their parent. Amitabh plays Vijay Verma who becomes smuggler for the underworld in the battle of finding his rights for life. His incredible depiction beautifully revealed troubled emotions and the inner turmoil of the character. With Deewar, Amitabh Bachchan consolidated his place in Bollywood and won Filmfare award for best actor as well.

Naseeruddin Shah in Masoom

Naseeruddin Shah is one of widely acclaimed actors who have been distinguished for his versatility. There is a long list of films, Shah has performed in. Masoom is one of the most favorite films of this legendry actor where he plays DK, who is living happily with his wife and two lovely daughters and suddenly his life is shattered by an unexpected child. Shah wears his pain in his droopy face and weary body.  He reveals a well nuanced performance and showcases an unbelievable mastery of feel what keeps the movie grounded. Masoom was the definitive in performing and if there ever was a remake, nobody would not be able to touch it.

Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai

Aamir Khan is the one & only versatile actor of recent decade. His 2001’s release, Dil chahta hai is a sweet story of three friends. Aamir plays the jolly character of Aakash who is never serious in his life and doesn’t believe in love. With a new look, Aamir Khan gives a pleasant and evocative performance in this hugely admired film. He has been excellent in portraying Aakash with naughtiness, love, happy and deeply sad shades throughout the film. Undoubtedly, with Dil chahta hai, Mr. Perfectionist has given his most excellent facial expressions over each feeling of the character and has made it alive everlastingly.

Raj Kapoor in Awara

Raj Kapoor is believed to be the real Showman of Indian film industry who was an iconic superstar and an inspiration for his generations. 1951’s release, Awara is a fascinating movie among his various masterpieces. Raj Kapoor depicts Raju in the film who is an ignorant man because of being separated from his harsh father, who left Raju’s mother a while ago. His astonishing acting talent made a truly impressive portrayal to the character and got a distinct reorganization as a romantic hero in Bollywood.

Dilip Kumar in Devdas

The King of Tragedy, Dilip Kumar dominates outstandingly among the best actors of Indian silver screen.  In a long list of his many masterpieces, Devdas is undoubtedly his most excellent film and its title role is his best depiction ever among all others, he ever presented. Have you ever seen any other actor depicting a desperate alcoholic man as believably, getting our sympathy better than Dilip Kumar in Devdas?  He feels the character from his heart and portrays it in his own way with much depth. He tremendously immortalizes the tragic story of star-crossed lovers and unanswered love. He has done the most innovative and smart use of his face for each expression of the character. Devdas will always be distinguished as the peak of his artistic quality and the greatest acting triumph.

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