Christopher Nolan and Superman – Is it going to be better than the old superman movies?

Christopher Nolan and Superman - Is it going to be better than the old superman movies?

Christopher Nolan, the name itself commands respect, aura and credibility. The director of some of the best edge of the thriller movies that contemporary Hollywood has seen in a long time, Nolan is, at the moment, one of the very best in the business. His movies are not only critically acclaimed but also a huge commercial success. Be it his earlier movies such as the following or Memento or his recent greats such as Inception or The Batman series, Christopher Nolan always has the knack to come up with something different, something original, and something unique. So with him at the helm of the new Superman movie: Man of Steel, we do expect it to be something of a cracker but will it match up to the old classical Superman movies?

Christopher Nolan has an unprecedented vision, which he uses to the best of his ability to nurture some great movies. The way in which he handled Al Pacino in Insomnia or the exquisite storyline of The Prestige or the nerve-wrecking acting which he got out of Heath Ledger or the way he formulates the life of Batman, all these are evidences of how Nolan can turn a simple concept into a masterpiece. Having said this, it also is necessary to mention that the screenplay and story written by him are in no way less than his direction abilities. He has his own way of creating a wonderful maze and show us the right way through it with his screenplay and story. Most of the viewer’s must agree that way after watching a Nolan movie, we continue to stay in trance mode as if we too have become part of Gotham or Old England of The Prestige. Christopher Nolan has the abilities to make his characters come alive and present themselves to the audience with grandeur and panache.

But we must remember that in the upcoming Superman movie, he is simply the producer not the director but even still we all hope that his inputs in the movie is bound to make it much more special than any other Superman movie till date. That however, is a very hard goal to achieve since the old Superman movies are nothing but classics that most of us grew watching. The way in which Christopher Reeve makes Superman larger than life, the brilliant screenplay of Superman II and the eye popping stunts and techniques use in Superman III, simply takes your breath away. Even Nolan agrees that adapting superman is far more difficult than adapting batman, given the fact that the stories are more complex, the expectations higher and the comparison greater.

It is going to be a hell of a ride with Christopher Nolan churning out the story of this epic saga and some great actors like Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill giving the old cast and crew of Superman a tough run for their money. All that we can do is sit back and wait till then!!

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