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Best of Lollywood Songs

Lollywood is an enriched blend of talented people. The history of Lollywood movies comprises of numerous melodious and famous songs. No doubt a movie is incomplete without excellent music and songs. The excellent singers had sung best and melodious songs for the Pakistani film industry. Certain best and hit songs of the Pakistani cinema had […]

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Top 15 Bollywood movies of 2011

  In the year 2011 several Bollywood movies were released. Out of those movies in 2011 some movies couldn’t do much well, some movies did just well but some movies proved to be best, fabulous and outshining. Let’s discuss the best movies of Bollywood of the year 2011. 2011 brought some best, fabulous and outshining […]

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On Screen Jodi in Bollywood-Decade Wise

Decade wise list of famous on-screen jodis of Bollywood. 1950s: The most famous and leading on-screen couple in 1960s was Nargis and Raj Kapoor. Even today, this is the most beloved pair in Bollywood. Starting their journey with the film Aag in 1948, the couple did almost 16 films together. The other famous on-screen couple […]

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Best Male Dancers in Indian Film Industry

Like female dancers, male dancers are equally necessary to keep the essence of dance performance alive. Indian film industry has numerous stars which are known for their dancing skills. Here is a list of best male dancers who has played a significant role in the flourishing of Indian film industry. Govinda First name to pop […]

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Best Female Dancers in Indian Film Industry

Dance is the essence of Indian film industry. Without super dance performances, any movie, no matter how perfect it is, can never hit the charts. Many great dancers have passed in history and upcoming dancers are also doing a great job. Here we have compiled a list of top five female dancers in the Indian […]

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Bollywood Actors and Actresses: On Screen Couples (Jori)

Hit on screen couples (jori; jodi) is a concept unique to Bollywood. Although Bollywood has produced many stars, superstars and a few megastars, where Indian silver screen really excels is the presence of many on screen couples who had sizzling chemistry. This chemistry usually translated into box office hits. In every decade there have been a […]

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Best Bollywood Rain Songs

Songs, music and dances are of importance to Indian movie viewers. Many a times the situations in a movie are made more dramatic and romantic with the help of a colorful or sensual rain song. While compiling this list of most famous and nice rain songs from Bollywood, we have NOT focused on songs about […]

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Best movies of Bollywood film director/producer Yash Chopra

Yash Chopra passed away on October 21, 2012 in Mumbai. Born in Lahore (Now Pakistan) in 1932, Yash Chopra was 80 years old. It wont be wrong to say that Yash Chopra has given Indian silver screen the best ever and land mark on screen romances over the years. He is remembered as the King […]

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5 best movies of famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan the next big thing in Bollywood these days have had a very rocky patch in the journey of her career up till now. Starting off with Parineeta which was a huge success for a fresh actress Vidya took many roles which were challenging and bold and has proved she to be the finest […]

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Bollywood Movies: Variety played by Vidya Balan in her roles

In 2005 starting with Parineeta till now in the dirt picture, famous Bollywood actress Vidya has played different roles in her movies. She debut as Lalita a simple idealistic girl in Parineeta who was the heart and soul of the story. Then in 2006, she portrayed the role of Jhanvi in the movie Lagay Raho […]

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