Bollywood Superstar Actress Sridevi-Bollywood’s only true Superstarni

Popular and greatest Indian film actress SriDevi
English Vinglish, the Bollywood movie-What comes to your mind with these words? Yes, the answer is, unanimously, Sridevi. The box office Devi (goddess) of Bollywood of the 80’s and 90’s is back and in a manner as elegant as herself. She is back as Shashi the housewife, the mother, the insecure woman, the one who is taken for granted in almost all her relationships. Sridevi has outdone herself. She has delivered a performance better than Sadma and Lamhe put together, and yes, I mean it.
Now allow me to take you back to those times which made Sridevi a special part of my life. I was born in the generation who had their first flavor of Indian cinema with a famous Bollywood movie Chandni. If you haven’t watched Yash Chopra’s block buster Sridevi starrer Chandni, go watch it and you will know why my generation could never come out of that awe. Yes, still awestruck! Most of Sridevi fans will agree that she has always been more than just a pretty face or a favorite actress from Bollywood. She has always been a person millions have loved and admired. While we were waiting for English Vinglish to hit the theaters, I first time came to realize what makes her the true superstarni, the legend, the DEVI. I have seen Mr. Amitabh Bachchan leave the industry and join back, I have seen Ms. Madhuri Dixit Nene (what perfect smile she had! Adorable) do the same and I have seen the likes of Ms. Karishma Kapoor in their comebacks. As far as the fan following is concerned, each one of these Bollywood stars enjoys that privilege. But here lies the difference. For the first time I have felt that this Devi has devotees. This is no ordinary fan following. No. Sridevi actually rules the hearts! I have felt that this woman’s devotees are almost protective about her. Can you imagine a film actress being treated with this much respect? She was and still is one of the most glamorous Bollywood names ever, but she commands a huge deal of respect. And that is because she was always sensual without being needlessly exposing. I am a very serious Sridevi fan. Work keeps me busy, but I still find time for at least half an hour of Devi ji’s movies each day. That’s a ritual I have been following for God knows how many years. I know not a word of South Indian languages, but only to watch her, I have seen many of her movies from the South. Similar story na? Am sure you have done some similar (foolish?) acts in your love for the Devi too!
With the passage of time she has shifted from the shy too self conscious young girl to a more confident though still reserved mother of two. The thing that stays is, her iron strong nerves. Can you find it easy if every breathing soul in the universe looks up to you as a style icon, you know you cannot let your followers down, not even for a moment? Only few can manage to come out successful almost every time. Needless to say the True Bollywood Superstarni Sridevi is one of them.
All of the reviews English Vinglish has got are highly positive. She has acted well. Her expressions are great and all that. One thing only the Devi’s devotees can feel and take pride in, is the decency she has brought back to the silver screen. “The” Sridevi I remember was never comfortable wearing anything with her cleavage visible. Oh come on, she is an actress, right? True that. But she is a woman too. She is a woman with iron strong nerves, some great sense of professionalism and yet a person who knew exactly where to draw the line. The first thing which made me like her was the way she hugged her heroes in her 80s and 90s movies. Did you ever notice she always had her arms in front of her while being hugged by her hero on screen? She had a lot more to contribute to the movies-needless filth was not something she needed!
I am sure a lot of her fans will agree to me. She has yet again given her followers a reason to take pride in her movies and herself. I had a hot debate with a colleague few months back where he was adamant that today no actress can survive without bikini shots and skin shows. My only answer was, If you are Sridevi, you can do that, yes you can deliver a box office hit without needless exposing. But yes, not everyone is Sridevi!
I will close this tribute on the final note that Ms. Gauri Shinde has done a very fine job here. Good simple story line and good dialogues. More than that, she has made Sridevi appear sensual while keeping her pretty much deglamourized. To me Sri is blessed with one of the most beautiful pair of hands in this whole world, she has eyes which mesmerize, has the height perfect for Sari (and who looks better than the Devi wearing Saris? Sensual in Saris-Sridevi) and has a near perfect smile. Gauri has shown plenty of all these physical pluses. Sridevi is almost obviously conscious of the fact that her daughters will watch this movie and she has done well on the box office yet again despite all these lines she has drawn for herself. As a woman, Hats off to Sri for such determination. Great performance by one of the best ever and definitely the most versatile Bollywood actress-Sridevi. The Superstarni is back with a bang (and with utmost grace).

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MairaS (755 Posts)

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  1. farhan
    Posted October 7, 2012 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    well written b one of la devi’s true fan …………. 🙂

  2. kevin
    Posted October 8, 2012 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    Amazing article…….true to every word….

  3. Rajmohan Singh
    Posted June 3, 2015 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    Only Sridevi is female superstar or empress or indian film industry. Never any actress after of before her to match Sridevi

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