Best Pakistani Female TV Actors : Khalida Riyasat

Best Pakistani Female TV Actors : Khalida Riyasat

The period of the seventies till the nineties is considered the ‘golden era’ of Pakistani television, not only did this twenty year duration make very notable plays, it also produced countless outstanding movies, and shinning actors and actresses, whose work is still remembered to this day.

Khalida Riyasat was exactly that kind of actress. Her legendary work is still remembered even today, fifteen years after her death! Riyasat made her first appearance on television in the 1970s, this was one her earlier dramas called ‘Naamdaar’, which was a detective series, in which she starred opposite Shakeel.

From then on Riyasat’s career escalated greatly, as she starred in a very popular play at the time, ‘Bandish’. This great drama stood out for its superior dialogue, directing and Khalida’s excellent performance.

During the early nineties, Khalida appeared in many comedy plays, some of the much appreciated ones included ‘Half Plate’ and ‘Parosi’. These remain till now, some of her best works. In many of the viewers opinion, Khalida Riasat is among the finest TV actors Pakistan television has ever produced. Half plate is true representation of Khalida Riasat’s talent.

Unfortunately, this celebrated actress passed away as she was suffering from cancer in 1996 but to this day she holds a place in the hearts of her fans.

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