A Glance At The Golden Raspberry Awards

A Glance At The Golden Raspberry Awards


Usually an award show portrays unforgettable moments for those who are honored for their work hard and talent by presenting such awards. Nobody would have ever imagined of an event where the worst would be awarded for being worst in the category. However, it is not a joke anymore as there is existence of the awards show that no one would ever like to be a part of.  These awards are familiar as the Golden Raspberry Awards. People also recognize them as the Razzies. These awards are given in recognition of the worst in Hollywood. Similar to other awards ceremonies, the Golden Raspberry Awards are held each year, usually one night before the Oscars awards. Such act is done for poking fun at the major failures of Hollywood.

There is an interesting history behind the Golden Raspberry Awards. An American writer named Mr. John J.B. Wilson thought of beginning an event as a spur-of-the-moment joke right on the day of the Academy awards. He invited his familiars to present random movie awards for the worst movies and for that purpose he took stories of bad nominations from the Los Angeles Daily News. He decided to form the ceremony by grasping votes for the worst of the film industry and giving awards to the winners, and so the Golden Raspberry Awards became into existence on 31 March, 1981, in his own living room in Los Angeles, USA.

The first Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony hosted more than 36 people who had been double the number every year. The unplanned ceremony was a hit event. Later Wilson released a press release about event’s details which were highlighted in some local newspapers.  Since then, the idea is kept alive and held every year.

The basic idea of this yearly ceremony was taken to be antidote to the Oscars that can bring light on the worst of the film industry when everyone wants to be saluted as the best. When Wilson was questioned about why he brought such an idea of identifying the worst in the film industry, he proudly replied, “The Golden Raspberry Awards are meant to turn Hollywood on its head.”

As mentioned earlier, the Golden Raspberry Awards are intended to identify the worst in the film industry. Its word ‘raspberry’ signifies a disrespectful sense, the same as in blowing a raspberry. Each award has a prize of $ 4.79, and has the appearance of a “golfball-sized raspberry” which is seated like a super 8 mm movie reel with spray- dyed gold. Since no one wants to be a part of these awards, the Golden Raspberry awards ceremonies do not witness any red carpets or stylish frocks and jewelleries

The 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards was an episodic award ceremony that announced its nominations on January 8, 2013 whereas the winners were declared later on February 23, 2013 at the Abracadabra Theatre in Santa Monica, California, USA. A good number of general public participated in voting for the nomination for the worst work of the year via Rotten Tomatoes.

If we talk about winners for the worst of the worst, ‘The Twilight Saga-Breaking dawn part 2’ was the top winner at the 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards. The movie won many awards including worst film award. Kristen Stewart was declared as worst actress for Snow White And The Huntsman and The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Adam Sandler was announced winner for worst actor for his movie ‘That’s My Boy’, while Rihanna for worst actress for her performance in Battleship. ‘The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn part 2’ was also named for worst screen couple (Mackezie Foy and Taylor Lautner), worst director (Bill Condon), and worst Screen Ensemble.  ‘That’s my boy’ won worst screenplay award at 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony 2013.

Although every year, a great number of voters is observed who use their precious votes to distinguish the worst of the film industry but winners are never shown up in any of the Golden Raspberry Award ceremonies. Indeed, there have been only two brave winners so far who decided to receive the Golden Raspberry trophies. One was Halle Berry who won for Cat-woman in 2010. She brought DVD copies of the film ‘All About Steve’ for the viewers in order to declare that the voters should gaze at the movie to distinguish if she was in fact the worst actress. Another brave person who dared to receive the Golden Raspberry award was Tom Green who was awarded for Freddy Got Fingered in 2002.

The Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony is an event which is never broadcasted on any channel of television. However, it can be watched via YouTube at your home, moreover you can find its live update on its official facebook page or on twitter feed to be a part of the fun.

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MairaS (755 Posts)

Webpreneur. CEO ContentCreatorZ Pakistan. Managing Partner Media Marketing Services.

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